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Hello rock babes!

I’ve been away for a bit, but I also worked a lot to give you the opportunity to have something new! I’ve tried some new brands and products, and I was waiting to receive them all to give you different choices. In the end (love you ChesterB) I decided to separate the articles, so that I can give you more details, and all these brands can have the right space. And the first one of the list is the adorable ZUNI Fashion.

How happy you are when your mailbox is finally filled with the items you were waiting for? Imagine that sensation..  now I’m exactly in that mood!

Super HAPPY to have something to take from the mailbox, ’cause nowadays there’s no much more than what you buy online, inside there. EXCITED to check the quality and to try the new stuff, ’cause in some cases you never know how the items really looks until you have them under your eyes. IMPATIENT to share with you someone new to trust and give you some advice to find the rock piece from the collection.

I have to say I recently had a bad experience, and that’s why I always wait to check the quality before give you the websites and the discounts. When the items are different from the pictures showed on the websites, there’s no way I’ll let you buy them.

But let’s talk about this awesome little brand!

So this brand that I’ve found have some different stuff. Most of them are jewels for women, which I really love! They also have some sunglasses and a lot watches too. This last ones are unisex, so also the boys can have some gifts from this article! 😉

As you know, I try to follow and buy from brands with a rock soul or, at least, which ones with something that I can match with a rock outfit.

The problem is that black it’s always a must, for every single women. It’s an evergreen to create a classic outfit, but also to be chic, elegant, sporty and easy. Black is black, and none will be able to dethrone it!

But for a rock babe, black can be tricky ’cause it can become a cliche’. Therefore, when we can’t resist and we surprise ourselves buying another black piece, we have to be careful. Same when we put together a total black outfit.

“My tip? Black jewels, mixed with gold or silver (the choice depends on the bag and shoes details) are always a good idea. Remember that sometimes you only need a rock detail, ’cause we want to be ourselves, but being  a rock babe doesn’t mean we have to be dark…”

What I’ve found on ZUNI Fashion is perfect. And once again I have my next purchase already prepared! A bit of black & a bit of gold, and my project can keep growing. For the rock babes who are more delicate and sophisticate, there’s actually a lot more for you here than for me! 😉

This is my favourite piece of the Zuni collection. Gold & black with a beautiful shiny chain. I’ve decided for the black one, of course, but whatever colour is your favourite one, and every colour you can think about…well, it’s available! Have a look! Calu - Black






I also needed another little one, for my right hand bracelets family. You know I have a little diamonds heart and a tiny skull. With this infinity gold, the family is almost completed! Infinity love for rock is my meaning…what will be yours? Ajor - Gold


Oh, by the way, Zuni Fashion has this special little one in silver too.



And below here are some of my favourites. A bit of rock is enclosed in them. Can you see it?

This couple is simply adorable. When you wanna have a little touch of “girly” using pink, but you wanna keep your elegance at the meantime.

The watch is available in in silver, gold, and white marble too, so there are no excuses! For the boys neither! 😉 And the bracelet? Silver, gold and…black!

Cosma - Rose Gold Marble Zelly - Rose Gold







And these are some new items that they have just add! Lucky me! This are absolutely my preferred ones. Black & Gold is something inexplicable…chic, elegant, classy, rock. Perfect with everything and everyone.


Jopa - Black   Leza - Gold   Cose - Black







With ZUNI Fashion I have the feeling that I can really decide which woman I want to be 🖤

And you can have a special discount using the code ROCKBABE15

Ajor bracelet my infinite love for rock

Calu necklace the black & gold power

Cose watch chic and comfy

Cosma watch elegant, girly, rock!

Jopa bracelet tiny & even sporty if you want…

Leza bracelet this seems super expensive 😉

Zelly bracelet show the world you are strong

Bye Rockbabes! Enjoy your weekend! ***



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