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ZARA online shop is opening!!!

Addicted to ZARA

This is probably one of the best day in my life in Sydney!

Super fabulous good morning Rock Babes!!!

When I arrived in Sydney one of my most beautiful discoveries was Zara. Not that I didn’t know it already, but what is there in my city it’s 40 minutes car away and basically not supplied and too tiny. So when I discover that the one in the City it’s huge and is not the only one, I was literally in seventh heaven!

The only problem is that it’s always busy, too much busy for my taste. I hate to do shopping with other million people, and what is annoying is that for me it’s so difficult to find sizes and I like to have a look on EVERYTHING.

And what a bad news when I realised that there was no online shop in Australia and the ones in the other States doesn’t ship in here.

One day I went to Zara in Martin Place ready to buy a pair of shoes and a bag that I’d seen on the Italian and US websites. I browsed in all the store’s corners but nothing. Yea it’s sad, but I get used to this because it happen often when I know what I want. So I decided to purchase the items on the Italian online store and I delivered them to mum’s house.

The problem is that I can’t wear them since she decide to send me a pack. 🙁

But you know I’m stubborn, therefore I didn’t give up! The good news? Two weeks ago I was adding a pic on my profile wardrobe on 21 buttons.

“It’a an awesome App to do shopping easier and quicker. You just have to click on the coloured dots and you are immediately on a page that shows the brand and the price of the item. Than you can choose to click on the button that send you directly to the shipping page of the site to buy the item, or you can save it in your closet to buy it in another moment. I got a lot of inspirations in there! You can download it from your App Store, and follow my outfits. It’s the ultimate fashion social network, created for fashion lovers to let them find everything they desire!”
  1. Go on the App Store
  2. Search 21 BUTTONS & download it
  3. Create your profile
  4. Follow me…My name is rockundermyskin (of course ;))

Sometimes I can’t find my clothes from the selection of the App, so what I have to do it’s search them on Google. The App give you this opportunity and search for you. You don’t have to do much, it’s very easy and quick.

Anyway, I was trying to find my new Zara jacket on the website to tag it in my pic…and ta daaa! I found the Aussie site of Zara! I clicked on it and they were saying that Zara Au is opening soon!!!

Of course, I immediately subscribe (you can do it HERE) to know when it was going to be active, and a few days ago I received an email reminding me that they were opening on the 14th of March! Tomorrow Rock Babes!!!

I already see myself buying my first item for the fall season, checking the entire collection of Zara from my apartment, sitting on my comfortable couch with a steaming cup of coffee … 🙂

See you very soon, with some new rock clothes & accessories!

Big hugs Rock Babes ♥


P.S. : Can’t wait to give you tips about the rock soul that is enclosed in Zara TRF! My favourite!

P.P.S. : Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE NOW & NEVER MISS A NEWS! Zara sells everything too fast! We need to be always ready!

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