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Women’s Weekend

Happy Women’s Weekend Rock Babes!

Hey beauties! Women’s Day was on Thursday, I know, but usually I don’t celebrate, and this year neither, so I wasn’t supposed to write anything but Mum send me a short video yesterday, and that’s the reason why I decided to write something about this day.

“And, by the way,

I found some big sales that I wanna share with you!” 😉

The video is about wishes for this 8 of March, and it finish with a phrase that says “do not gift flowers to women today, gift them respect every day”.

Everyone, since we are young, try to teach us how it should be this day and what men should do around us to celebrate.

But since this is called the Women’s Day, it should be a day during which women celebrate other women.

We should give each other roses among us and we should have the courage to write a message, a postcard or an e-mail to a woman who was important to us. A woman who was or is important because she taught us something or inspired us to be like her or helped us become who we are. A woman who, even if she doesn’t know it, is our point of reference, one that makes us smile without reason or one that fills our day simply by sending us a text message. It could be a parent, a colleague, a friend or someone we follow on social media.

And also we should catch up all together for a drink.

All of us.

Doesn’t matter if our colleagues doesn’t know our friends and if we think some of them cannot match perfectly.

You know what I really miss from my country? Just one big thing.Well, first of all, i need to explain you…

My girl friends are extremely different from each other. I’ve never had a group of friends (except when I was in school) and I have established strong relationships after the age of 20. Why? I like to think that it happened because I wanted to have real friends who loved me for what they are and not for the long time spent together. But this is because I am very difficult, sincere and realistic. I know it’s not easy to be next to me, but my strength is that if I love you and I consider you friend to me become a piece of family. I will never give up, I will always be there and I will always say what I have to say. I will not be there to lie to you and say that everything will be fine if it is not true.

And so are my friends too. So it took me a while, but now I can say I have real friends.

However, they are too different to always stay in the same place together. I really do not know how to explain it, but if you ask, they’ll say the same. Many of them can not stand each other, just because they are too different.

V. is super cool and easy but chic at the same time; D. is super sweet and always cheerful; L. is the kind of girl that everyone likes; E. N. and F. are very young but really women at the same time, you just have to want to know them; A. L. and G. are colleagues who have made my work days bearable and with whom I adore still having breakfast or an aperitif.

And I usually hang out with one per time. But… there is a big but…

When I want to celebrate something and I want them all together with me, they are there. In the same place, for the whole day, talking and laughing. They are real, sincere and beautiful. And there it is my group of girl friends. Just for me, just to make me happy.

This is the only thing I really miss from my place. And this what I’m thinking about. I mean, it’s easy to talk about respect and equality, but it’s difficult to keep the thought in your mind every day. So for this Women’s Day try to make a difference. You’re still in time to let it be the Women’s Weekend instead of a simple day.

Celebrate buying something for you and something for your girls if you feel like. Go to have a drink or a dinner all together and say to each other that you love them all and you are sometimes inspired by them in different ways.

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It’s time to take your girls and be Feminist!

Don’t give a s**t about men’s flowers 😉 😉 😉

And why not…wear your female power too.

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Oh well, if the flowers are there, accept them! But hey guys! You too should be a feminist! Too many times I have met men who were unable to think of women’s power and abilities in the same way they think of a man’s. Too many times I have worked with men who looked at me differently because I am not a man. Some people are still convinced that a girl can not be good as a man in certain fields of work. But from what I’ve always seen, if a woman wants something from her career or her life, she goes straight to the point and takes it. And when she got it, she becomes the best. If a woman has roles of power, she never gives up and can carry on the work even better than a man.

And do you know why boys? Because some male colleagues continue to make things difficult for us. Sometimes only through their belief, not even with their words. So if they find the woman stubborn and capable, they charge in her even more the desire to make it.

So yes guys! Be different, grow, open your mind as much as you can and be feminists! You owe it to mothers, wives and daughters. Forget about flowers and buy something special to surprise your girls this weekend.

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Enjoy your Women’s Weekend Rock Babes!

See you next week!

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