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White Shirt

Hello ladies! Are you having a good week? I’m working on my promises for this 2020 (BTW 2020 sounds quite cool!) and I found this draft about White Shirts. It’s been in my mind (and in the drafts) for a little while. Now I believe it’s the perfect time for it, because it is still summer but it doesn’t really look like it is. I’ve found this summer a bit cooler than the past ones. 



I’ve always thought that a white shirt makes it immediately summer. When we wear it there’s something happening in our brain. We feel tidy, chic and easy all in one. It is about the purity of the colour, and also about the clean lines. If we get stuck while dressing up, often a shirt solves the problem. And when we see a white shirt on someone else the first thought is “Nice!”. Doesn’t matter if the pants are not for our tastes , or the shoes are too much, or whatever else we think it’s not quite right with the total outfit. All this will came up to our brain later. The immediate first thought when there’s a white shirt around is 100% positive.

Now, as always, I have something more fancy in mind. What if you can keep everything else simple by wearing a really amazing white shirt? Here we go! Let’s rock another outfit together!



My favourite look to complete a white shirt is, and will always be, black pants and sneakers. I think these shirts are perfect to avoid that waitress/office look that we’re always scare to end up with.

The next time you look for a simple outfit, try to find a fancy asymmetrical white shirt to spicy it up a bit. Maybe something a little crazy. I promise you’ll be unforgettable!

Lots of love! JuliaG.


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