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What I love from the Shopbop most hearted

Hello loves! Today I just wanna drop a few links from the Shopbop most hearted. Shopbop is always one of my favourite websites for designer pieces. I am totally obsessed! Every time a scroll through it I fall in love like a hundred times. It is always updated with the latest trends and I can find items on any budget. You can make any kind of research to find exactly what you are looking for. I think it is also very handy to find inspiration for gifts, cause the home section is filled with unique ideas and particular objects of design. Usually I will give you some sale tips, another section that I browse very often. But I’ve recently noticed this page of the most hearted, and I think it’s nice to share with you my favourite from the list of THE favourite.

I have put together a bit of everything from clothes to accessories. You’ll also find a few items to refresh your winter wardrobe. It’s never too early to update your closet for the new season, and maybe in this Shopbop most hearted list you can find some good inspo for your Valentine’s day outfit.

xoxo, JuliaG




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