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We’re in this Together

Hey loves… Today I’m checking on you. I’d like to help you from my little place, and try to lift you up a bit. Because I seriously believe we can work it out all together by trying to be positive. First things first: I’m not an expert, not a professional and I don’t have a magic potion to swipe all the bad off you. But having all of you checking in here, makes me feel like I can do a little more than just share my favourite clothes – which I’ll keep doing, cause this is what I love, and it is also helping me getting thru. I would just like to keep your spirit up and give you some hopefully helpful ideas to keep up.

As I said, I am one of those who’s not working at the moment. I still have my job, but my position as a casual doesn’t leave much for me in terms of help. Also, my job – dental assistant – definitely doesn’t allows me to do it from home. I do have my blog, my projects, and my babe is still working, so this are good distractions. But sometimes is not enough. That feeling of losing everything bit by bit can be devastating. I had some issues falling asleep, I had some nightmares, I have been thru my bank account a 100 times. The result?! More stress, more tension and no capability to stop the bad thoughts from coming.

So after a few days like this, I decided to just avoid thinking. It is crazy difficult, but there are ways to train your brain to be calm and positive. Now, in this specific case, the crisis is so extended that there are many ways to help each other to go thru it all together. And I’m saying this as a casual worker with a temporary visa living on the opposite side of the world from my family. So I’m not exactly in a good position, as you may think all bloggers are. And I’m telling you this cause it’s not easy for me to post something like this article. I don’t like to be known this deep into personal aspects of my life. But I also think it’s the only way to let me try to help you a little.

So after this first bad period, I’ve decided to stop it myself, and start to think about solutions to be able to be a bit positive again.

First of all you have to force yourself to be positive in thinking. I’m not saying you should make jumps of joy, but the only way to be positive when everything is falling apart is to THINK POSITIVE. So try to have positive thoughts, and find again those little things that used to make you happy. Go thru your old pictures, tidy up your closet, bake or cook something, read a longer story to your kids, cuddle your partner etc. Just do the normal things you love and, after you’ve find yourself again, you can do a few more little things to keep it this way.

  • TV OFF MUSIC ON ~ News are good to follow, but don’t stress yourself with them. You know I believe music is the strongest form of magic. Whatever is your genre, it’ll help you to feel happy. Music distracts our brain and makes us in a good mood. It also lead us to our amotional happy place. You choose yours, but I will suggest some happy jazz, which is what seems to work for me. Have a listen HERE
  • PIN YOUR THOUGHTS ~ Once the music is on, you can try to write something. I’m telling you so, cause writing has always helped me to heal and find relief. You don’t have to be a writer, you don’t have to be good at it and you don’t need to write pages and pages. But you can start with a sentence or a quote that makes you happy. You can also try to draw, or start a diary, why not. The important thing is that you keep yourself busy with something that can be done on daily basis. And writing sometimes can make you feel better as talking. Just put your thoughts on paper, draw around them, be creative.
  • BLOW YOUR BRAIN AWAY ~ How? Read something! A book, a magazine, a blog… whatever. I will suggest a book, cause it will carry you away from the reality, and allow your brain to build up a new place for a few hours. I’m a good reader, so I assure you it works! If you don’t have many books in your house you can buy them on Amazon. I will always prefer to go to the book shop – which is one of my fav places – but now we have to stay home, and online you’ll find everything! If you struggle to find a book you like, use this trick: find something that talks about your hobby or passion. There are biographies of every kind, from rock stars to politicians to sports. There are also cook books, fashion books, travel books, psychology books, vegan books, history books… Just follow your hobby and interests.
  • SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS ~ Once you’ve done the steps before, you should be in a good mindset to be able to share your thoughts and concerns with you family and friends, without using too much negativity. It is good to talk about it, but we have to do it softly. Make a call every day will help you to share the heavy part of it, and make it bearable. And by being mindful of the way you’re talk about it, you will be helpful for the person you’re talking to. Cause remember that we all need this the same way.
  • STAY HEALTHY ~ If you’re a sporty person, adapt your workouts for the indoor; if you’ve never been, there are no excuses to don’t start now. I’m lazy, and I often drop my exercises half way along the track. So I know what you’re thinking. But believe me, I’m back on track! It is just a good way to keep yourself busy for an hour or so, and it’ll make you feel better with your homey self. It is also good cause your brain will have to concentrate on what it’s doing. And this means no thoughts about the crisis. I know it’s hard, I know it seems a waist of time, but seriously, you don’t have much else to do. Especially if you can’t work from home and/or you don’t have kids. Although, if you do, I will highly recommend you to find at least half an hour in the morning and include your kids in your workout. How about starting with some basic yoga? From what I see on IG kids are loving it! I’m using the Nike App at the moment, if you need an input. And I have downloaded many others, just in case they start to ask me money to keep going ;).
  • DON’T FORGET YOUR BODY ~ Take care of yourself is another way to feel better and improve your homey routine. We all have that face mask we never had time to do, and that relaxing salts bath we never took. And what about those hair masks, scrubs, lotions, and nail polish that have been in the cabinet for months?! Now it’s time to give them a go! If I may suggest, try to finish all your stuff during these weeks, so you can spend your budget only on the things that are essentials, and keep saving a little.
  • WARM UP THE ATMOSPHERE ~ Move your furniture around to find the coziest way, light up a candle and have a cup of tea. How good is that? We usually don’t have time to try to imagine how our furniture will be in other positions. So, this is the perfect moment to do so. Also, we are finally allowed to have more pillows and fluffy blankets on the floor, to make it cozy and relaxing. Light up your favourite scent and sip your favourite flavour every day, maybe while you’re reading or writing. Nothing is more relaxing than this combination!

It might seems a lot to do, but that’s exactly my point. Stick to this routine and you’ll feel busy but relaxed. This is not something we often have the luxury to do. So do it now, and add or switch a few things following your indoor interests. I bet Netflix is one of those! 😉

We have to try to get the good out of this situation. We have to remember we’re all into it. And we have to do the best we can to help who we can. Stay close to the part of the family that is living the house with you, and tell them you love them every day. Stay close for the people you love that are far away, and remember to let them know you’re there every day for them.

Please #stayhome and be safe <3

Lots of Love, JuliaG.

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