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A tough week!

I need holidays!

But I just had a weekend…

Hi Rock Babes!

Sorry I’m late… I know… 🙁

This was a tough week! We had to find a new house ’cause our friends are leaving to go back home. Therefore we thought this is the perfect moment to go back to a real couple life. We wanted to find a place for just the two of us. So my week was completely dedicated to inspections, work and school! Yeah, I’m studying as well…

Inspections are beautiful and painful at the same time, for me. It’s nice to go around and have a look on amazing apartments and imagine yourself living in there and buy all the new furniture. But find time to create the perfect application it’s so stressful for me. So this time I decided to leave this dirty job to my rock Babe…but in the end I couldn’t resist and I involved myself again! Was nice because we’ve been together at almost all the inspections. But I was enough stressed that you could see it on my face.

Anyway, after a few weeks like this, I absolutely need to recharge my body and my mind, again. I’ll probably need some holidays, but with all the payment coming, unfortunately this is not a dream we can realise now. So what did I do?

I take care about myself a bit more than I use to do.

Here are my 4 steps:
  1. Nails!!! Oh this time my nails are super cool and sooooo Rock! It took a lot to made them, 2 hours and a half to be exact. But guys they are just awesome! And was pretty relaxing staying at the Vivid Nail Salon, with lounge music and  nothing else to think about. I got the inspiration on Google. The original nails were in black, but I had black ones the last time so I decided to change a bit and here is the result… purple, sparkling and rock!alt ="weekend nails"
  2. Drinks!!! Do you know Redforno? It’s an Italian bar/restaurant and when I sometimes miss the Italian way, going there it’s a nice opportunity to have the feeling that  I’m back in Italy. Don’t misunderstand me…I love how people have fun in Australia, but when you are a foreign you need to have something like you around, sometimes. Something that reminds you home. 😉 The nice thing is that the owner created a party called “The Italian Aperitif”, and they usually do it one Saturday per month. This means you have drinks accompanied by buffet and tons of happy and friendly people around. This time, we met there a nice couple. She was half Italian and half Aussie and he was Aussie, but has lived a lot around Europe. They were so funny and friendly and she told me she has parents living in my city in Italy, so I couldn’t resist to give her some tips about nice boutiques and restaurants around there. I love to do this!!! Well, this is the Italian way, and they both told me “I LOVE YOUR BAG” so… 😉 At one of this parties I met my lovely girlfriend D., so I probably have a kind of attachment to Redforno, because of this. But if you can guys go there once!
  3. Prepare my outfit for the night! I love this part, and I love when people appreciate my work, so I always try to do my best. Sometimes happen that I’m not in the mood to dress my body, but I always try to find an inspiration anyway. My best tricks are ♥ Try to mix clothes that I wear more (’cause are my favourites) in a different way every time ♥ Never wear them two consecutive days ♥ If the mood is too bad to think, I wear the outfit that makes me feel always comfortable with myself. I strongly believe that when you feel yourself perfect, the world look at you and think that you are perfect. It’s an attitude, and it always work, even if you are not that perfect. It’s only about what you are able to show when you’re feeling awesome, and sometimes you don’t even know about the power you have. 

  4. Beach! Sunday is my relaxing day. I can be surrounded by friends, but for me it’s a relaxing day anyway. If it’s a beautiful and hot day, my first thought is for the beach. The salty water and the sun are the best tricks to regenerate your skin and your entire body. So yeah, just ocean, sand and sun. I can’t find anything better than this to refill my brain with positive thoughts, and Australia is just the perfect country to enjoy it! Of course I always have with me some music. Not rock, but lounge or chill out, to do not bother to much the others. And my book! At least the book can be rock… because it’s loud, but only in my head…no one will realise that! 😉

So Rock Babes, my suggestion is to go gift yourself something every weekend, so you can wait a bit more for holidays.

Love you ♥


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