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My only beauty addiction

Morning Rock Babes!

Today I woke up with an inspiration, and I need to write about it.

If you took a look at my blog, you probably realised that I do not have a beauty section. This is because, honestly, I do not know much about makeup and beauty products. I take care of my skin and my body, of course, but mine is not an obsession, and I use to change the products following my inspiration of the moment.

Even my feeling with hairdressers is not the best. I like my natural hair, and anyway, an appointment in a salon is always too long to make me think of it as a pleasure.

“I just book once per year… I’m soooo bad!”

Makeup for sure is not one of my biggest interests. Usually I prefer to keep it easy. Mascara is my only best friend, and lipstick has the biggest role for my look. Sometimes, just if I’m in a good mood, eyeliner can play a role. That’s it.

Therefore, doesn’t make sense for my blog to have a page dedicated to these stuff.

My only addiction is for nails.

For me hands are our business card and I want mine to be always perfect. Since I was 19 I never stop taking care of my nails. Everyone looks at each other’s hands, both men and women. It’s a way to understand people a little. Exactly how your handshake can explain the perception you have about yourself, your fingernails tell a little about what you do and who you are.

Having my nails done, and don’t have to think about them for at least 3 weeks it’s a real pleasure.

I prefer to book always in the same salon, and possibly with the same girl. This can make things easier, you don’t have to explain every time the shape, the length and the treatment you need.

My salon it’s a special one.

The atmosphere is so relaxing. Everything is decorated in light colours and the low notes of lounge music surround your experience. The girls are very kind and you can ask to always book with the same. First of all they make you sit down and take care of your jacket and your bag will not stay on the floor or on your legs, but will find a place in a tissue box right next to you. The chairs are in comfortable fabric and have a soft cushion to support the back. The lights are delicate, nobody speaks loud and WiFi is available.

The first step is to prepare your hands for a pleasant experience. The girl will clean her and yours with a gel lotion and then start removing your old gel or nail polish, using lime and non-aggressive products.

No electric tools are used!

The next step will be to treat the cuticles gently. You will never experience pain or bleeding. Also the powder will be removed step by step with a soft pink brush, so you always feel neat. When the nails are ready to be made, a warm towel is ready to pamper your hands, remove residual dust and give you a pleasant sensation.

From here it is up to you. From the nail polish to semi-permanent and semi-hard gel. My choice is for the organic semi-hard Calgel. It’s very durable and lasts about 3 weeks. You can also add a semi-hard final base, for a longer last. For design, you can choose from a rich selection of examples, or you can take your ideas and photos with you…they’ll do anything you like best. Whatever type of stones, glitter or colours you have in mind, they have it!

Perfumed oil for cuticles, to finish with a delicate massage to each finger.

Special offers

Every month there is a special offer on 3 different designs. For this month, you can also receive a delicate hand-scented scrub, with a luxury brand scrub, for only a few $ extra, followed by the hot towel.

On your first appointment you’ll receive an Invitation Card for a friend. Use this card on you next appointment to bring a friend with you. You will have the 20% off on Calgel service or 10% off on all the other services.

From your first app you’ll also receive a Vip Loyalty card, which will be marked for every treatment you’re gonna do and give you some discount after a certain amount of stamps.

I wanted to tell you about my high-level experience, because nowadays nail salons can be found at every corner, but finding a valid and professional one is very difficult. It took me over 6 months, but now I’m super satisfied, so I want to let you know where this special place is.

The first time I set foot there, my nails were damaged in a horrible way, but of course I didn’t know that. The girls explained to me why the gel didn’t hold any more and in 3 appointments I immediately noticed the difference. Now when the gel is removed, the nails are still strong and healthy.

No way for me to change! And I wanna to thank S. in particular. She’s always awesome and perfectionist that I could not be more satisfied than how I am now!

Thanks a lot

ViViD Nail Salon


Suite 805, level 8, 32 York St, Sydney 2000 NSW
(02) 9279-1116


Have a nice day Rock Babes! Smack!

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