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Valentine’s gift guide to surprise her – This is for you Boys!

Hello loves! As promised, I’ve created a list of thoughtful Valentine’s gift guide. This time tho, it is a post for the boys! I think they’re more in need of ideas and inspirations than us, when it comes to gifts. Also, they often go get them last minute, so this guide is just perfect on time! ;P

There is something you can still grab inspiration from, just switch it to a boy point of view. For example some small luxury leather goods are a good choice for him too. But the main purpose of this board is to help him with Valentine’s gift, to surprise you something special this year. So let your man have a read thru this article, or send it to him by sharing it. Simple thoughts that are often difficult to find when we’ve been gifting each others for ages. But I do love to gift my persons, and I love to make important every time, no matter how low is the budget.

01. and 02. // Personalised earrings in gold and pearls and necklace with little star. Whatever is personalised for me is a great thought, but you gotta make sure is something she likes too, or it’ll be a little disaster. Some girls just don’t like to go around with a tag that says something personal about them. Maybe ask her sister or girlfriend first.

03. // Square candle scented with apple, cinnamon, caramel and vanilla. I can promise 90% of women will love to receive a scented candle, and this package makes it really different from the others. It will be a beautiful little storage box when the candle it’s burn out.

14. // Jewellery travel case, is the perfect thought for a girl who loves to travel and can’t leave without her stylish pieces. If you think about gifts, you should always try to get either something the person wants and for some reasons can’t get, or something that she’d like but doesn’t buy cause is not essential. For example, some little leather goods from her favourite designers like this 05. Marc Jacobs card holder, the 04. travel wallet from Calpak and the 06. Future belt from Rag&Bone, which is also pretty romantic if we would say.

Satin and silk sleepwear is another gift always appreciated by women. It is another thing we often want and rarely buy for ourselves, and it is a chic cuddle when gifted. Here is my favourites 10. long sleeves with pants. If size is not something you’re good at, go for smaller than you think – always appreciated – or get a 08. silky robe or a 07. nightie, where sizes are usually not a big problem.

09. // Onyx heart stone pendant necklace. It is always a great idea to gift jewels for Valentine’s day, but if you can find something different it’ll be even better. This lovely one from Kate Spade can be adjusted in 3 different lengths and it is definitely something she’ll love if she’s a black addict!

11. // Reversible clutch, perfect as a makeup bag or beach pouch. You’ll make her laugh, and she’ll know you know her!

12. // Bra and brief set in mesh with contrast ribbon, star pattern, adjustable straps and ties at sides and back. Another evergreen for V-Day. Because it’s something romantic, sexy and girls always need a new underwear set! Again be very careful with sizes, ask around first or go smaller! She can always change it.

13. // One of a kind bracelet, crazy romantic and a bit rock – it reminds me of ‘One in a million’ 😉 There’s also the red version Love is all. Something small and lovely for those who have been together for a short period and don’t want to invest much on a gift, and for those who wants to add a little something to a bouquet or a box of chocolate.

Have fun and let me know how did you go, boys!

Big hugs, JuliaG.

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