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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide : My Unique Ideas for Your Valentine

Hi loves! I can’t believe it’s already February! You know I love to create gift guides, so I’m vary happy that Valentine’s Day is knocking. To give you some ideas I’ve created this Valentine’s Day Gift Guide! What I like to do is give you some inspo that I believe your boys will love. You guys often ask me what to buy for boys, and I get it cause, let’s be honest, it is much harder to gift boys than girls!

But there’s always something, and if they have some hobbies or passions everything goes smoother. Here we’re talking about your boys not friends. So it should be much easier cause you know them better than anyone else.

In this Valentine’s Day Gift Guide I will share with you some of Daniele’s favourite hoping that they’ll make your boys happy too. There are many different options so I’m sure you’ll find something to surprise him.

Depending on your budget you can follow a few easy guide lines I always keep in mind so that I don’t get lost in my shopping:

  • Something useful : we all know most of the boys won’t change ruined accessories till they break down completely. This Valentine’s Day Gift Guide has some of my favourite leather goods and accessories for a nice and useful gift.
  • What he would never buy : this is my favourite option. I love to surprise people gifting what they want badly but they never get the chance to buy.
  • His wish list items : we all have a wish list, and boys do to! There are good chances that you remember what he saw in that shop you walked by together. So if you lack ideas, just try to remember this.
  • Something you would love him to wear : maybe he doesn’t like what you like, but you know he’ll look so good in that shirt. Just go for it, he can always change it!
  • Mix a few things : when my budget is low, I like to put together a few things. Sometimes is very hard to find something unique on a budget, so a few cheaper but thoughtful things together will make it perfectly!

Most of these items are on extra 20% OFF at check out on The Iconic so make the most of it ladies!

xoxo, JuliaG.


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