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Under My Skin

“So what does ‘Under My Skin’ means to me?”

Hi Rock Babes!

How are you today? I am so much excited!

Today I’m gonna tell you about my first heart bit for the rock world! And about the meaning that ‘Under My Skin’ has for me and for this blog. If you don’t know what I am talking about you’ve probably missed It’s all about Rock. But that’s fine, here you can can follow my words anyway, and you can always go back to that post, whenever you feel like.

So here it is the beginning of a love story…

“Once upon a time, a little blond girl…

no I’m not gonna do this, no worries! ah ah ah”

The real story it’s very simple, but has plenty of emotions and feelings inside. Every time I think about it, I  just smile and I can feel everything again. All started in a worm but cloudy day of 2002, when I was going back home with my best friend of the time, and her mum and sister. I was on the back seat of their car and the radio was playing.

Probably I was thinking about teenage things (I was 13), when my face suddenly lit up.

My heart began to beat harder, more than when I received the fist kiss. Seriously, I’m not joking! 😉

I’d never heard that voice before and unfortunately there was no Shazam at that time. So I couldn’t know anything about that before some days after. I don’t remember where I was, but I absolutely remember all the rest! The radio was playing again, and this time, I was prepared to wait until the end of the song to know about her.

Than the voice said:

Avril Lavigne with Complicated


Of course, now we know everything about her and the music she does. And yes, that was more a pop song and her music it’s defined more pop-punk. But that was the very first time that I heard about a little blond, girl with green eyes and sweet face, who was absolutely out of the lines. She was so pretty, and so strong and offbeat for the image she had. And I prefer to follow her own definition about her kind of music, which is heavy pop-rock. 🙂

Anyway, from that first moment, she created a new image in my eyes.

From there I started to move my fist steps into the rock world. My desire to be what I really was appeared. My new strength and my first “homemade” personality exploded. Loud and clear! That was finally the real one, that I’ve never changed anymore!

Therefore, the Blog title couldn’t be anything else than something connected to Avirl. As you know guys, Under my Skin is her second album. It’s my favourite one from her. And inside these 3 words I found the perfect meaning…

…an indelible mark, under my skin. Like a tattoo that no longer goes away. And doesn’t change following fashion seasons. Either doesn’t have a reason why. Doesn’t ask for permission…simply, IT IS .

I just want to be clear… This doesn’t want to be a copy or a lack of ideas. I thought a lot, trying to find the perfect name for all of this. I was determined to reach your souls and minds from the beginning. Also I wanted to let you know exactly what are the feelings around my blog. And I wanted it to be me, not just mine. So was pretty intense, but when I went back through my first memories of rock music, I understood everything straight away!

I leave you here the Under my skin album, if you wanna retrace your memories as I did… 🙂

alt ="under my skin amazon"

Honestly I still like her music and I can say I’m her fan. She’s been my landmark for a lot of years. Now I have a really strong personality to face the world and probably I wouldn’t be as I am without her example. On my teenage years, Avril was probably the only girl not afraid to be herself. At least the only one I can remember. She made me grow up with a way to be myself without compromises. Avril was always dressed in her way, not showing only her beauty and writing about whatever she wanted to. That was a kind of new and different freshness and was perfectly matching my taste.

I try to keep myself informed about the artists I like, and she has a very long and detailed profile around the web. There’s a short phrase she said in an interview of 2010 explaining exactly what I mean. About her music:

“Songs are about being yourself no matter what, and going after your dreams even if your dreams are crazy and even if people tell you they’re never going to come true.”  

(Wiki in chapter Artistry)

I will probably write again about her, but I think I’m gonna wait for the release of the new album.

And I’m working on a few playlists to share with you. As soon as they’re ready I will let you know where, how and what. 🙂 So excited for this new project!

Kiss you all Rock Babes! Have a wonderful weekend!

And don’t forget to stay in the rook loop!


P.S.: Sorry for the change of links colour, I wanted to match Avril’s album…you know I’m picky! 😀

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