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The Stripes

Back in the Stripes

Hi lovely Rock Babes! I don’t really know how to apologise for haven’t been here for so long. So the only thing I can do is to be honest. You know I recently moved in a new apt…well in here there wasn’t an internet connection until this week. I was feeling really out of the world! And pretty sad as well, ’cause I couldn’t be here with you. Can you forgive me?

All things considered, the good news it’s that I’ve had a lot of time to study for some new things! I’m preparing an amazing post, that I can’t wait to finish. But I have to study a bit more ’cause I want it to be perfect, and it’s going to be one of my favourites! I’m sure for you it’s going to be as well…

After all, I had time to work on a few things, in almost a month away from the web, and here is the first I wanna share with you.

The Stripes.Where, why and how we can wear them.

This graphic always come back. Always. Over and over again. It’s a sort of timeless style, which started to appear in the 20s, apparently inspired to the folkloric dancers of the countries of South America. Than, of course, Coco Chanel made the difference. She transformed the Breton Chemise into a real fashion icon. And from there striped clothes became unmissable pieces in the collections of the most famous brands.

Nowadays, striped clothes still come back every often in the fashion seasons. I guess people think a stripe t-shirt it’s an evergreen that they must have in their wardrobe. Unfortunately, what I think is that most of the people make them trivial. Some people can actually make them out of fashion even if they’re really doing great in the moment!

I understand it’s difficult to wear stripes. Because it’s hard to find the perfect fit, the right graphic, the correct match and the nice fabric to feel comfortable and show something special at the meantime.

In fact, in here I’m not talking about feeling good and look nice by wearing something easy. That’s not me. And I’m not a fan of this style either. But, I feel the need to wear them sometimes. And, most important, for the new fashion season they are a must, once again. The whole magazine industry is talking about this:


“LINE OF DUTY Straight and narrow but never stuffy- fresh colours and modern cuts define the new-season stripe” InStyle
“DOUBLE GRAPHICS Forget dainty pinstripes; smart suiting gains off-duty swagger when stormed with bold lines that lengthen the silhouette” Marie Claire

Therefore I’ve decided to work on this because of 3 simple reasons: stripes are fashion NOW, my friend D. love them since forever and they are rock (since forever as well).

What I believe is: if you want to wear stripes, you must know how to do it.

And if you think something like “stripes are stripes” you really need to read this and find a fresh road to travel.

First of all, please:

  • One, two or three lines on the side of a pair of trousers can’t be considered a striped texture. They are beautiful, from my point of view you can wear them as much as you want, but you can’t and you mustn’t say you’re wearing stripes! 
  • We never want to look like a famous sport brand employee, unless we are!
  • We are not rock star, so we must be careful!

Now the best part 🙂

  • Prefer irregular lines, different thickness and mixed directions. This makes it difficult to make mistakes and it’s easier for you to get on well, regardless your physique shape.
  • Choose, every time it’s possible, the vertical ones. I guess the horizontal are overrated, and not that kind of evergreen we think. They were awesome in the times they were. Also, you know they fatten the figure…every single one! To be cool in an easy black & white striped T-shirt, you have to have a kind of fashion aura by yourself.
  • Wear a match, only and exclusively for a special event. I mean something like fashion events, weddings, VIP parties in exclusive locations… Your bff 30th birthday it’s not enough!  Most of the times it’s too much. That’s why we can look at the magazines to inspire ourselves, but we must remember we are not walking on a red carpet. Unfortunately.
  • Be original and use colours! Not too much, to keep a chic look always. But there are some really nice striped colourful clothes I found. Let’s say you’re wearing an irregular cut dress, pants or skirt, having these beautiful stripes going vertical and horizontal in red, white and navy tones. Than you just have to grab one of these three colours for a leather jacket and/or the accessories and you’re done! Beautiful, rock and extremely fashion! 😉

Let me give you an example…


NEW LOOK Stripe Wide Leg Jumpsuit

And another one…
GUESS Marciano Skirt (I simply love this skirt!)



Remember: stripes give you a lot of importance themselves, so it’s necessary to be plain with all the rest. Prefer to wear something crazy and exaggerated for the main pieces of the outfit (stripe in this case), and let the rest be simple and monotone.

Below there are some of my favourites pieces. Click the pics to know about prices and details.

alt ="stripes dress"  








All right, now you have some unique inspirations. Hope you’re gonna like my way and remember, if you need anything, I’m just an email far from you! 🙂

P.S.: I can’t close this article without a song. It’s a bit “vintage” and I guess everyone knows it. Since I started to think about this post I couldn’t get it out of my mind, so I have to pin it here. You know, it’s like when you have a song in your head and you can’t stop singing it until you listen to it! So here we go Rock Babes!

A little jump back in the days with The White Stripes !


Have a wonderful weekend, and don’t forget to pull out your rock soul!

See you soon! Kisses!



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