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the rock essentials pt 2

black is black

Hello girls!

Last time I gave you some tips to sparkle up your rock outfits with the first part of my “The Rock Essentials” wardrobe.

Now I want to share a nice way to amaze with the black essential. Black is not just a rock choice, but is a lifestyle for a lot of us. There is something in this colour that let most of us feel always right. Personally I have the same relationship with white, specially in summer, but this is another story. So thinking that “black is black” I will link here some stunning pieces to be fabulous and unique when you can’t stop yourself buying black clothes.


fancy little dress

We all need a mini essential black dress, and I bet you all have a few. When it comes to make the difference, sometimes it’s easier than you think. Look for something fancy and unconventional like these below, and you’ll have the perfect dress for every event you’re invited to. From weddings to corporate parties. You can make it chic with heels and blazers, and you can wear it casual with boots and leather jackets. As always, this is the star piece of the outfit so make sure you’ll be as plain as you can with all the rest.


natty casual

Love love love these items too much! Every single piece in this gallery stole my heart. The best thing is that, because they are so unique, you can create the outfit you want by playing with all the other items you wanna match them with. And they are so rock! You can even go for candy pink pants or tee, and still exhale rock vibes all around. One of my aim is to find pieces that we can use again and again. I don’t like when my clothes go out of fashion, so I rather buy unique items. Getting a few clothes like this will give you so many possibilities, and you’ll never get tired of them.


comfy street wear

When you really want to feel comfy, but you can’t let yourself go out not in style. Or when you want to mix sporty with elegance, which I really love to do sometimes. Like fit these tee dresses with pumps and a sweatshirt with a pair of white skinny trousers and heels. I love to mix my outfits this way. I find it the perfect mix to be never too much either way elegant or sporty.


These items are all from The Iconic which I love cause you can find all the best brands and so many are often on sale. A lot of these actually are on sale, so hurry up before sizes disappeared!

(My knit is from Decjuba

Love you all!


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