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The Perfect jacket


Good afternoon girls! How’s the week going?! I’m feeling it pretty heavy… The nice thing is that it’s going fast and it’s starting to be warm! I’m so happy about this long days that I can even think about go running sometimes… Maybe! Spring is just the perfect season. During it, which is the perfect one to create interesting outfits, we can use a lot of overlays and wear boots with shorts and skirts, which I really love. But what I like the most is that we can wear so many kind of jackets. They can be a leather’s, denim ones, or spring coats. But we can also create a jacket using shirts on top of tees and cardigans in any length.

You guys liked and asked me a lot about the leather jacket I often wear in my IG photos, so I decided to find the most similar for you. Mine is from Italy. There’s this shop in my hometown that I love like crazy. The name (and brand) it’s Xetra and hey sell some classic clothes, which are also kinda different. Let’s say that I can go in there with mum and aunt, and we all can buy the same item and fit it in our 3 different styles. I also like to get inspired by the assistants working there, cause they always wear their clothes wonderfully. And they are all gorgeous and gracious, that it’s a real pleasure to shop in there.


the perfect jacket

What makes my jacket so perfect for every outfit is that when I zip it it’s really tight, and when is open can fit anything underneath. In addition, the sleeves are skin-tight, so you can pull them up without the hassle that they’ll slip continuously (which is something that really drives me crazy!), but they have zips to let you fit thick jumpers as well. So what I’ve found for you is more about the fit and the length rather than the same details like collar or seams.

This jacket from Forever New is the most close to my one from Xetra. It has a few different details, but the fit it’s exactly the same and it is affordable too.


I love that I can wear my jacket with almost every outfit, and I love when this happen cause it means that I’ve spent money properly. Even more, I love when a cloth became my “always with” because it become to be part of all my best memories. We all have our favourite item and well, this is my one. Some other similar in the gallery below. Several different small details in each, and same fit for all. Do you have an “always with” piece?

Love you all! JuliaG. <3

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