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Good morning girls! How you doing? In this new home I wake up at 6 am and can’t fall asleep again, so I’m having a lot of time to think about the blog. Now, today I woke up with Guess in my mind. I used to love this brand when I was a kid, than I hate it during teen ages (as you normally do with things you loved as a kid), and now I believe it is one of the most fancy brands for rock clothes. 

Guess is always coming up with not common clothes, and it always create something that you can wear for special (and non rock) occasions, such as weddings or other classy events. But what I love is that after the occasion you can create your rock outfit with that piece. Always.

As you know, now everything is on sale, and the Guess sales are serious. I love when good brands are on good sales. And I love to get good stuff that are going to last and are versatile for my everyday looks.

Here are some of my favourites Guess clothes on sales, but you gotta hurry cause most sizes are already going !


Kairi high rise Stripe ShortsEmbellished denim shirt with metal applique details in gold – Oversized Stripe Shirt in black and white – Happiness print ShirtButton up blazer with silky details – Palazzo Pants palm and leopard – Jumpsuit with boat neck in jewel blue – Long Transparent Shirt in black – Long Dress palm and leopard – Suede-look Shorts in gold – Linda Skirt overall plated and lace in black – Black Plated JumpsuitLucrezia Shirt in black and white checked

Simply grab your favourite piece (or pieces) and rock your outfit!

Love you!


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