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Tee Obsessed

Hello RockBabes!

How are you? This month I’ve been through a lot of changes at work and I’ve studied a lot. But my interest for new stuff is always here, and my secret dreams are always there, so here we are again to share some beauties I’ve found for my closet. So the question is…

Are you babes ready to fall in love once again?

Ok, the truth is that unfortunately I’m still waiting for something, but in the middle I’ve bought something else. 😝 Am I the only one who’s freaking out for the waiting time??? The problem about having shopping online is this, you have to wait. And you can’t say when your items will be in between your arms, even if you’ve already purchased something from that website. There are too many reasons that could change the shipping times! Damn it!

For this reason I found a way. Well, my rockbabe will say it’s insane and not helpful for our bank account 😂, but what can I do. Passion is passion!

The solution is very simple, never stop buying! I mean, if you get a little something every week, and a big something every now and then, you will always have something coming, and you’ll be surprised sometimes, when that little bracelet appears in your mail box, and you can’t remember when and where you’ve bought it! Trust me, it’ll happen!

My favourite item? T-shirts!

My secret dream, when I was a teen, was to have a t-shirt per day.

I remember there was this girl I know, same name as me (must be a sign!), who seriously had a different t-shirt to wear every single day. Summer in my city last around 3-4 months, so this means she had around a 100 tees! I’ve always been a bit jealous about this, and every now and than, I guess I’ve always think about her wardrobe.

Considering that in Sydney summer lasts much more, and the warm days are always around the corner, even in Autumn and Spring, than maybe it become less reasonable to have exactly 1 tee per day.

But hey! There’s a trick! And if you follow my IG page, you probably have already noticed something.

So the point is, t-shirts are everywhere and they are the easiest way to try a new online shop, they are among the less expensive items, for sure the less disappointing, and the most versatile. It’s almost impossible that the tee you receive at home is different from what you saw on the website. T-shirts are nice with every coat, jumper or blazer, with all your pants and skirts, they can be sporty or chic, and they are made in so many different length, prints and fabrics, that every babe can find her style. Last but not least…they’re always a trend, and they’re always coming back!

Have a look below, there are some some of my favourites rock & fashionable inspirations for you…

Get your t-shirt girls!



























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