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Talking Fashion – the 90s are definitely back!

Hey loves! Autumn weather is filling the air here in Sydney. I mean, I’m tanned from the weekend, but we get random cold air and rainy clouds every week to remind us it’s not summer anymore. So I have been looking for new inspo for the new fashion season, and thought you will enjoy to do some shopping with me. And talking fashion, we are definitely back in the 90s. I’m not sure how I’m feeling about it. I have enjoyed that style at the time, but not completely convinced I can get back to it. What is for sure is that I am going to reintroduce some of the 90s clothes in my wardrobe. To be honest I have some pieces from quite a while ago. In fact they already had a little come back some years ago – tailored flare are an example.

You should always remember to fit the 90s items in your actual style. Don’t try to reverse everything back to then – it might be fun but won’t be productive in the long term! You need to focus on those pieces that are going to elevate your current wardrobe, by making your outfits in line the current trends. To help you with this renewal, here are some random favourite of mine. All pieces that I think can fit any wardrobe quite easily, and can find a second life within your style when the trend will change again.

We’re talking about chunky shoes, squared heels, tracksuits as an actual outfit, cropped and ribbed tops. These you may already have since they’ve been around for a while now. But there’s also a big return of flares, colours like indigo – do you remember how popular it was!!! – tie dye and sand wash, zipped tops, knit vests, turtle necks and wrapped cardigans to wear as jumpers.

They have been introduced one by one, little by little. A very smart move from the fashion industry to get our heads around the new vintage from the 90s. This is the perfect time to go through mum’s wardrobe and check what it offers!

xoxo JuliaG.


cropped, zipped, ribbed, lettuce hems, cut outs, turtle necks and cardigans to wear as jumpers.

We also have sets of singlet and mini cardigan, colourful ‘rainbow’ jumpers and tight cuts. Some oversize will still work but now is the time to go back to tiny, tight and simple tops. Some things I thought I will never see again but hey, everything comes back in fashion! Reason why I try to get rid of clothes only when they’re worn out or don’t fit anymore.


flare legs, meshes, sand washes, visible zips, knit dresses, indigo and tie dye.

Not only track pants are back. And yes, they were a big thing in the 90s, such a thing that we were all wearing them in high school! Now they’re back due to Covid, but they bring back so many memories to me. But now there’s more coming back: give them a go ladies! Always match the new items properly with your personal style.


cropped or oversized, mostly knitted and always versatile!

You know I love them – there’s a whole post about them here – and now they have became so versatile that you’ll struggle to resist their charm! To wear as they are, or with shirts and blazers.

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