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    What I love from the Shopbop most hearted

    Hello loves! Today I just wanna drop a few links from the Shopbop most hearted. Shopbop is always one of my favourite websites for designer pieces. I am totally obsessed! Every time a scroll through it I fall in love like a hundred times. It is always updated with the latest trends and I can find items on any budget. You can make any kind of research to find exactly…

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    DIOR by Dior: devoted love for women, couture, beauty

    Morning loves! Here I am again to suggest you another good read: Dior by Dior. This is a very different book. It is an autobiography of Dior’s early years, but I felt it was written a bit like a novel. It is also a different kind of reading. You may have the pleasure to do a few researches on names, terms and places, to fully understand the story; or you…