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    How to find the perfect Cardigan

    Hi girls! How’s going? Today I was thinking that once a friend asked me about cardigans. So a good cardigan is one of my favourite transitional pieces, and as I recently talked about layers, I thought this is the perfect moment for them. I like my cardigan to be versatile if possible. So I can wear it as a coat, as a layer, or even as a dress, depending on…

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    Lounge wear: be Cozy with Style

    Hi loves. How are you? This question it’s never been more delicate, I guess. We’re all living a difficult time and I’m off work, as many of you are. I don’t know where we will go in the next weeks. This crisis is touching everybody, and we can only hope to get back to normal life as soon as possible. Basically we’re living a lounge life, if you let me…