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Style Sessions by Kristine Todd

Hello loves! It is finally time to get back on track with my love for books. The end of the last year has been pretty busy, and I couldn’t find a good mood to get my brain relaxed into a reading. But I promised myself I would go back on this good habit this year, and so I did. I like to buy a few books rather then choose one. This way I get the chance to pick the one that follows my mood of the day I wanna read. So this time I had a few to choose from. My attention has definitely been all the way into fashion and style this January, so I red – almost in one breath – Style Sessions from Kristin Todd.

This is quite a special book in my opinion. Kristin has been in fashion and styling for more than a decade, so she’s style. Even so, what she’s sharing with us is done in a sublime simple way. Everyone can pic Style Sessions and actually understand, do and create what she’s teaching. She starts from the beginning, giving us a quick look into her life, so that we can understand why she is so passionate and how she got so good at it. Basically because style is her passion and she’s been attracted to it since she was a kid.

She says ‘I live, eat, sleep and breath fashion. I dream about it and at times, I even find myself praying for it‘.

Style Sessions gives many tips to enable us to understand our body shape, and accept it. Which is, in my opinion, one of the biggest thing about style. I went myself into the process of hating my flaws so much that I couldn’t see the little other perfection I have. I’ve always been surrounded by beauties – or, at least, I always look at them as beauties – and often felt not up to par. I thought I never had the right piece to wear, and I always saw the perfect dress on someone else. Most of the times, I would go look for it, and figured out I couldn’t afford it. Until I found my personal beauty quite cool and unique – we all should understand we are unique beauties – and I swiped off from my shoulders the heavy thought that money are style.

Now, for me it was a process that came itself, reinforced by mum’s self-esteem and confidence. Mum never had the willing to invest much money in clothes, but she has her style – classy and sporty mixed together – and I love how she walk head up, fierce and happy. She will always mix styles, and she will never look the same although she’s been wearing the same item for more than 2 days. From her I got this, and the passion for blazers.

Auntie instead, gifted me the addiction for shoes, and from grandma I inherited the art of wearing cardigans. This is to say that, yes, I believe style is a family thing. But it is also contagious. And this is Kristin theory. She made me understand that it is something that you can transfer to others, just by being yourself also with your style. If you wear your style with confidence, you appear confident, and people will want the same. Not to say everyone will follow YOUR style, but your attitude to style, hell yes!

Kristine’s exact words are ‘An accomplished personal style is a game changer in your life. It will enhance your whole self-value, as well as have a positive flow-on effect to others. Good style is not only fulfilling, it’s also contagious.’.

Reading this style book, you’ll learn about how you can find and embrace your taste, and how to follow your style regardless the fashion trends of the moment. If I say that there’s some rock in every brand, she says that there’s always something for your personal style in every new seasonal collection. You just have to know where to find it and how to transform it for your personal style.

Also, you’ll receive incredible tips for your wardrobe. How to build it and organise it, how to pic your palette and how to accessories. And then, incredibly valuable revelations about style and age, lifestyle style, and shopping ways. I think we all agree that age is one of the biggest issues we come across talking about fashion. So this might be the huge revelation of this book. Who think that over 60 yo a woman should overturn her whole wardrobe to meet common grandma standards? Well my grandma never did, and these days we might not even be a nonna at 60.

You may think you’re a master of fashion, therefore you don’t need to read Style Sessions. Guess what? If you’re always on top of trends and continuously following the new edit, you’re the one more in need of this book. I think of my self that I’m good at MY style, and that I’m quite good at styling the others for their needs. But going thru this pages, I felt as when I was in school studying psychology: it is something I already know, but somehow I have to read it to give it a shape in my mind.

So my final thoughts are that this reading is one of the most interesting i had about fashion. As I said I red it almost in one breath. It is useful to improve yourself, but also to help you career in fashion if you’re in any segment of the industry. It is a good decoration to live in between your other side table books. And it is something you can always go back to, when you’re feeling lost in your clothes.

Last thing, you’ll find a lot of quotes in these pages. If fashion is your thing, trust me, you’ll find difficult to do not post phrases from every page. My favourites are ‘Shopping is a privilege‘ and ‘Is not what you wear. It’s how you wear it.’

If you have any more questions regarding Style Sessions, leave it in the comments or send me an email. I’ll be happy to give you more motives to get it! ;P

Love you, JuliaG.

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