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The same one…4 different ways!

Shirt or dress, dress or shirt?

Hello Rock Babes!

Today the shopping will be very easy & cheap. I want to teach you how to get 4 different rock outfits, using only one piece of clothing! I promise you that no one will notice that you are wearing the same article, and if they manage to realise, they will be amazed by your skills.

Did I intrigue you? Hope so, ’cause I’m gonna write about one of my favourites. It’s an evergreen and probably each of you has it, somewhere in their wardrobe.

The shirt is an evergreen already in itself. It canΒ always makes you feel tidy and goes with any outfit, from a simple sporty to the most elegant. And I don’t know about you, but for me they’re never enough. Finding special cuts and prints is an easy job in these years.

But which one is suitable for a rock look?

And how can it be used in 4 different ways?

ShirtsΒ are fine, but to amaze your admirers (and make your rivals shake πŸ˜‰ ) you have to choose a Shirt Dress.

I adore their capabilities. Tidy & fresh like a shirt, but much more able to be rock. Feminine & comfortable like a dress, but much more able to be playable.

Personally, I prefer those with long sleeves, so I can use them during any season simply by wrapping the sleeves in summer, if there are not 40Β°, and adding tights and sweaters in winter. But even if you buy a short sleeves one, my outfits advice are the same.

1. DRESS WAY_ They were born to be dresses, and “let them rock you” it’s very easy. Put together a pair of sneakers, a nice waist belt and tons of bracelets and you’re ready to go. You can play with colours if the shirt it’s monochrome, but if you don’t want to loose the “rock effect” remember:

  • Bags & belts can be in any colour (but the same one, please match them!) if you’re wearing a pair of black boots;
  • Converse, Dr Martens & Vans are always a good idea, but only high top models, and be careful with the choice of colour, you have to be a “master of rock” (pink, for example, has to be worn with a lot of black for the rest);
  • Crazy & fancy shoes are almost always a good intention!

alt ="shirt dress white"


Shirt Dress β™₯ Asos

HandbagΒ β™₯Β Michael KorsΒ Β 

ShoesΒ β™₯ Carvela

Corset BeltΒ β™₯ Asos



2. SKIRT WAY_A part from summer, this way is fabulous for the whole year. Choose the skirt dress you prefer, and wear a jumper or a sweatshirt on top, then grab a pair of shoes and a maxi bag and you’re done. You have your brand new skirt! The rules to be rock are:

  • Neutral colours for the clothes, such as grey, white and absolutely something black. In this way you can add a strong & happy colours for the bag.
  • If you’re wearing black bicker boots, you can play a bit more with the clothes colours,Β as always, but probably the bag has to be black as well. This depends on where you prefer to be coloured… I will always pick a super strong and colourful bag, so I usually opt for neutral apparel.
  • Remember that you need to look like you’re in new clothes, so you must cover the shirt collar. Therefore preferΒ high-necked sweaters, and a bit oversized too. Like this, the shirt underΒ will not be visible. NO scarf to get this effect, otherwise you’ll never take it off.
  • Heels can amazed the outfit, but if plain blacks or rock with studs & fringes. Coloured are good if the total look has some other strong details, such as biker jacket, total black, rock bag… ( I’m sure that you know πŸ˜‰ )


Shirt DressΒ β™₯Β Asos

BootsΒ β™₯ Miss KG

JumpersΒ β™₯ whiteΒ AsosΒ – greyΒ Weekday

BagΒ β™₯ Rebecca Minkoff



3. SHIRT WAY_Exactly what I was saying before… Shirts are always a good idea when you don’t know what’s the right outfit for an event. Having a shirt dress means having a new shirt. But it also means being able to create a completely different look and be original and, consequently, suitable for any occasion. This way is suitable in every season, and the rules are only 2:

  • Don’t wear a shirt dress too long, otherwise it can be considered a dress worn with legging;
  • Complete the look with whatever you like, from head to toe!

Yes Rock Babes! ‘Cause you have a shirt now, and a shirt goes with everything. From skirts to pants, long, short or midi; with heels, flats, boots or sneakers; jackets, cardigans, jumpers or any of these… Just remember to be rock! πŸ˜‰

“An easy mood it’s always a biker jacket (I have a love story with those…) or better, an oversized blazer!”Β 


Shirt DressΒ β™₯Β PrettyLittleThingΒ 

Shoes β™₯ Dr. Martens

Pants β™₯ Asos jeansG-star white

BagΒ β™₯ Furla



4. CARDIGAN WAY_Well, I can find everywhere a new cardigan, and if I find it, I can’t leave it. However I always have the feeling of never having the right one when needed. That’s another reason why I love shirt dresses. With something slim underneath, a checked or striped or even a shock colour one…they are simply fantastic. You have a new cardigan and 3 other ways to use it!

NO rules needed.


Shirt DressΒ β™₯Β Parisian check button front w belt

Shoes β™₯ all Vans blue beige

Sweatshirt β™₯ Miss Selfridge

SkirtΒ β™₯ Asos

BagΒ β™₯ La Parmentier



Now you just have to check your wardrobe, or buy a new shirt dress, to be ready to mix up your outfits and feel brand new for at least 4 days. I’m sure you can make a good job by yourself, but I’m always here if you need any kind of suggestions.


Keep the secret…or share it with your bff…maybe you can also share your closets! πŸ˜‰

The last pic shows my favourite shirt dress and how I will wear it. Whit black super skinny pants and red accessories for an easy but cool night out. But this one can also be used as a shirt dress showing you legs in a veiled way (super sexy, in my opinion); as a long fancy shirt, but matched with a pair of shorts or a mini skin-tight skirt for fall season; and last, as an elegant cardigan for a special night out. And if you love long skirts…well this can be a perfect one,with a pair of studded sandals and a soft sweatshirt!

The only bad mark…it’s gonna be difficult to decide which outfit will be the first! πŸ˜‰


Shirt DressΒ β™₯Β Asos White maxi split detail

Waist Belt β™₯ Asos

BagΒ β™₯ Lancaster Paris

Pants β™₯ Missguided skinny jeans

Shoes β™₯Β  sneakers Converse – boots Office


Have a nice rock shopping beautiful babes!

You think the shirt dress of your dreams is not in this post? No worries! Tomorrow I’ll prepare a page with other beautiful ones. You’re gonna find them in the page “Shop my Rock”!

See you tomorrow Rock Babes, enjoy your Friday night!

Big hug.

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