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Hi beauties how are you? I’d like to tell you a story today. The story of how I chose my scent and why I never go out without it. First of all, I have to say that I love perfumes in general. Not every perfume, but I can honestly say I probably like too many.

I remember the first time I saw a little collection of scents I was at grandma’s house. She was babysitting me often during the short time she was in Italy with us. It’s been a short period, but I remember it as it was yesterday. I think she mould my personality a lot in that short period of time. While she was working (she was always working) I used to go around her house and discover little treasures. They were fancy and modern treasures, cause she was a young grandma around 60 yo. And she was fancy herself, cause she lived and worked in and for the US. That was making my discovery so interesting and fun.

Once, my eyes got captured by this collection of mini sized scents. They were so shiny and perfect shaped. Tiny little bottles, with different coloured liquid in them. I loved them straight away! Now I think it was probably more an attraction for the clear glass bottles, but all of them seemed to be a precious thing to my eyes at the time.

I linked this scents collection here cause I’m sure they’ll ring a bell to you too.

Do you recall them? (I know you do, this female collection is still around!)

I was so fascinated that I run to her asking what they were and she gifted me the whole box. Suddenly I realised floral/fruity is not my fragrance (and probably I was too young to appreciate them). That kind of scent is for candles, from my point of view. But I kept my treasure for a long long time. I got rid of them only when I moved in with Daniele, cause they were really old and, of course, expired. Now I wish I could still have the empty bottles. They were a nice memory of her.

In teen age, I stared to be interested in mum’s scents. She had more warm and sensual tastes. Definitely my type. I used to steal a few pumps before meeting my friends when she wasn’t home. And I could still smell the fragrance she left behind when she was leaving the bathroom. It would remain in there for the rest of the day. I loved it!

And in the end this is what scents do to us, right? They bring memories. And together with memories, they bring persons, places and emotions. Sometimes smiles, other times tears, but they never come alone.

I guess this was the thing that stick in my brain, cause years later, something amazing came to my nose and went straight up there. One of my girlfriends had this scents that was literally everywhere. You could tell she’d been in a room, and you could find her scarf using your smell. Every time you hug her, even from day to night time, you could still feel it. It is that kind of fragrance that sticks there where you sprinkle it, but in a soft version of itself, so it doesn’t become inconvenient. And guess what? Every time I smell it on another woman, it suits. So far Narciso Rodriguez is the only scent that I’ve found able to do this.

So here is the story, and here still is that perfume. I just love it too much to leave it. I usually wear the black bottle one. But recently I’ve been gifted the pink bottle. It is not exactly the same, and it doesn’t stick around as much as the black. But it is certainly a good alternative for mornings and itchy nose periods! 

I am filling up my collection, and I will let you know what are the other scents I’m wearing, but the Narciso Rodriguez will always be my first choice. And it’s actually funny how my friends and family are always making sure I have it. One of them will always gift it to me, when they know I’m running low ;). They agree with me that no other scent suits better.

So give it a go, if you haven’t try it yet, and let me know which is your favourite perfume.

Stay safe at home. Love you, JuliaG.

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