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Save on Spring basics

Hi girls! What a wonderful feeling to get into this warm Spring vibes!

I love that we can finally go back to visit all the seaside places and cities. Specially during the weekend mornings. In Australia I’ve learn to live more the days and leave the nigh life on the background. Which is actually perfect since I’m getting definitely out of my 20s. Quite sad, but true! 😉

I also love to go through my clothes and figure out what I’m missing for the new season. The spring basics are my favourites because in the end I use them the whole year. There’s always something that I’ll need to replace ’cause I’ve used it enough. And of course I’ll need add some must have of the new collections. I bet you do to!

Usually the first part of the closet I’ll go through are the basics. Firstly because I’ve realised I wear them a lot during the change of the seasons. Second because I want to get rid of items that have been hanging around for years and are really too worn. (For some reason, a bit of bad luck and a lot of love for an item make me wear it too much and worn it in a few months). And last but not least, if I do all the basic shopping first, I can jump into the new collection pieces for the rest of the season!

Even though I love any kind of shopping, I don’t think it’s worth to invest a lot of money in basics that we will always have to replace sooner or later.

I often get them from Target where I think the cotton long sleeves are the perfect length and the material is good and lasts enough. I also buz around H&M for something basic but with that little detail that makes the difference. And the unmissable Zara doesn’t even need a reason why.

When I really wanna do it fast and pain free (and I don’t want to get distracted by the new collection pieces) The Iconic is my safety heaven.

Here are some of the perfect spring basics to start the new season with. Less black and more light, while maintaining a rock look.

Everything ON SALE of course!


Left to right: V neck tee from Levi’s // Wedges espadrilles from Betts // Tote bag from Calli // White shirt with longer back // Boyfriend jeans // Abercrombie & Fitch Denim skirt // Black sandals from Billini // White skirt with ruffles // The Upside muscle tank // Wide leg pants in white

Have a wonderful weekend!

Love you, JuliaG.


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