Rules of Civility – the attractive title of a juicy novel

Hi beauties! I hope you had a great long weekend and you’re feeling relaxed and refreshed now! I really did recharged and I got my inspiration back, these were very productive weeks for me. I’m so happy to be back on my blog! And I’d like to start with a reading suggestion. After I red ‘A Gentleman in Moscow‘ I couldn’t resist to check on Amor Towles’ first bestselling, ‘Rules of Civility’.

‘Rules of Civility’ is a different story completely. In this book I have found a love story hidden between the narrated stories of friendship, work relationships and messy lives that twine in love, respect and mirth, but also loneliness, mercy and forgiveness. This is how I see it. Because of the combination of types of love and the intriguing lives of the characters are leaving unspoken the real story happening around them. Until it has to be told.

If you like New York, wait until you’ll see it in the light of the late 30s. There are some fabulously well described details of the period, that will take you, as if you have lived in those decades. While you’ll be captivated by the spell of silk, furs and engraved objects, you’ll just going to crave for Katey’s next move. With ‘Rules of Civility’ you’ll learn something new about life, love, friendship.

Towles’ writing is the same that amazed me in his second published novel, and his view and storytelling of love is equally enchanting. I’ve been wrapped around his words once again, and I was intrigued by the events. What I loved the most is the mix between the simplicity of how certain things develop and the hardship enclosed within other life events. Together with the characters authenticity. Because you can really find a bit of yourself in any of them.

We have all been friends and lovers, loyal and unfaithful, strong and uncertain, happy and lost. I’ve found every single feeling you can think of in ‘Rules of Civility’. It is not easy to find a book that’s easy to read and incredibly deep at the meantime. This is definitely a book to read twice, and even more. The charm of the events and the intriguing connections between the characters. The fabulous descriptions of the period details. The unexpected but relevant unfolding of events. And once again, the book may lead us to different endings.

I will definitely suggest this reading for those who are in love with love, whatever this means for you.

Hope you’ll enjoy this as much as I did.

Lots of love, JuliaG.

‘Life doesn’t have to provide you any options at all. It can easily define your course from the outset and keep you in check through all manner of rough and subtle mechanics.’

Get your copy of ‘Rules of Civility’ HERE
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