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Welcome to the jungle!

I’m Julia, I’m Italian and I moved to Sydney with my boyfriend Daniel a few years ago. Not sure if I can still call him boyfriend after almost 10 years together, but we’re certainly not fiancé ‘cause we don’t like to follow common life expectations. It might sound odd, but for now we feel like it’s perfect how it is.

I have to be honest, I did struggle to fit myself in Australia, but now I feel like I’m living it right. So here I am, building this blog to bring my little ideas to life and why not, hoping to realise some of my dreams.

What you need to know about me…

I do love fashion and I have a special attraction for shoes and leather jackets. I think the world it’s a better place if you walk it with a pair of bikers.

The only things I believe in are love and music. I am able to see a bit of love everywhere (and I often get emotional about it), and I love to find the perfect kind of music for every occasion. I would love to live on a soundtrack as it happen in movies. But my real addiction is for rock, and I think that the most beautiful love songs belongs to it.

I’m also passionate about reading, thanks to mum and dad. I believe that books tell a story twice: first the book story to the reader, and then the reader story to his guests.  

Than we can add the love for beauty, design, candles, travel, decorations, renovations, plants, flowers, photos, wine… So yes, I’m exactly like you all, loving everything, incapable to choose between what I need and what I want, constantly looking for my aim in the world.

But.. (there’s always a but!) I think I can finally put everything together with this blog, hoping that it will help you to sometimes choose between something! <3

Pls excuse me if there are some writing mistakes here and there (remember I’m Italian) and if some photos are not perfect (still taking them with an iPhone).

Next step?! A photograph course with my babe to let him gift me a proper camera (or simply have the excuse to buy it myself)!  




For collaborations, advertising inquiries or info,

please contact rockundermyskin@gmail.


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