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“Love is not love without rock music,

rock music is not rock music without love”

Billboard can explain


Good evening Rock Babes, are you ready for Valentine’s Day?

Talking about V. Day, I have a huge draw full of Rock Love Songs in my head. That’s why I can’t believe when people say they don’t like rock. I bet, everyone has at least one rock song (but I’m sure are much more) behind their love memories. So what a better start than Valentine’s day for a Rock Blog?? Honestly this wasn’t supposed to be my first post but hey… It’s the beginning of February and most of the people are already thinking on what to do and what to get for their lovers, so here I am for some suggestions.

For me February it’s a month of events,

“Fortunately or unfortunately, I’m not sure yet…” 

there’s me and my rock Babe anniversary, his birthday and Valentine’s day. For now I just want to concentrate my energies on the last one. I was already looking for a unique item in January, and InStyle gave me some wonderful inspirations (I simply adore this magazine). As you know, I’m a bit out of the conventional lines so I am absolutely against red colour for this day. To much obvious, and here we don’t wanna be obvious! Almost never.

“Just for Xmas… maybe… we’ll see!”

And, flipping through the pages, I found a Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour and a pair of Jimmy Choo ‘s, in what I think is the perfect rock colour for this month. In Italy we call it “bottle green”, but in Sydney “bottle” reminds me about the bluebottles and this is not the match I have in mind. Realising, I decided that I prefer “forest green”… it makes better the idea.

Obviously, after my eyes had been captured, i couldn’t get it out of my head and I started to look on some of my favourites sites, when I discovered on Yoox the perfect rock item for this Valentine’s Day.

Isn’t this handbag from Lanvin beautiful?

Isn’t her rock?


alt ="handbag lanvin for V.Day"
              Handbag LANVIN


I’m talking to the boys now… This lovely babe it’s perfect as a gift for your love, guys! Trust me, if you have a Rock Girl by your side she will just adore this!

What makes her the perfect purchase for a Rock Babe? I think everything.

The black “stones” applications – they look like black pearls and diamonds and nothing is more rock than a black love writing, made with black pearls and black diamonds. No other colour would be able to do the same.

It’s like this bag is trying to tell you about the suffering hidden in the word “love” for a rock love song.

Forest green satin fabric – the colour is perfect for this rock month and even if satin is not my favourite fabric, I have to say that in this case it’s perfectly combined with the “stones” and bring that kind of “out of the lines” that we want to have for perfect V.Day rock outfit.

And finally, you’re gonna have a rock bag even after V.Day – I’m not a fan of “only-use-once”, I love to buy always goods that can be interesting every time that I want to brush them up again.

For me bags are some of the most beautiful creations from the fashion designers. I think i will never stop buying them. They are a perfect gift, always. They can let you feel stronger, sometimes. And never, they let you feel lost. Bags are an extension of women and they reflects our personality.

If you look inside a woman’s bag you can understand a bit of her life. But if you just look at the bag… you can get who she is.

Have a good V.Day, and remember to bring with you a stunning rock detail for the day!

Kisses Rock Babes.


P.S.: Oh! And don’t forget to check the details about this bag ! 😉

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