Nothing is more powerful than Music…

Welcome on my favourite page Rock Babes!

Energy, adrenaline and desire to jump into everything. These are the words for Rock Music.

You just need to choose your favourite kind, and then everything starts to make sense. If you are here probably your choice has been made for Rock. Or maybe you just want to know something more about it, to make a new choice or simply extend your view. In any case, if you have feelings for whatever sort of Music, you’re in the perfect place. Because I decided to have a Blog about Feelings, and Music has the power to pull out all those.

I believe Music gives us the possibility to know people from the inside, and with HerĀ we can build up strong relationship. I have no doubts. Just 2 examples…

  • My Rock Babe and I. We are sharing the passion for Rock. We have the tradition to go to live concerts together, just me and him. Also we like the same artists and we always share between us the new discoveries about a song or a singer. And I’m pretty sure this is one of the reasons we are still in love.

” His cooking skills as well! šŸ˜‰ “

” Oh! And my amazing personality too!

Ah ah ah! Ok, sorry! I’m joking! “

  • Myself and I. I just understood who I am when I found my love for Rock Music. After that, I’ve never been shy or insecure anymore, and I finally had my way to be unique. At least I’m sure I am someone, I am a kind, and I don’t care about criticism because I love myself exactly like this.

In the same way, MusicĀ can create a thick line of memories just behind a few notes played together. Don’t you have a song or just a part of it, that when starts playing reminds you someone? Other way, don’t you haveĀ a musical genre that reminds you a special moment you lived. I’ve got plenty of those. Exactly like you. For example, while I’m writing this I’m listening to some Jazz, and you know why?

“You’re right, it’s not Rock and I’m supposed to write about it. But I told you… Music is to much powerful to let us skip from what She wants us to do…”

Well, because my Mom love it. She used to turn up the volume to spread the sound throughout the house. At the beginning I used to hate it, but then I grew up. And every time I feel the need to move on but I can’t find a way, I turn on a bit of JazzĀ and it’s like Mom is around to tell me “Of course you can do it. You can do everything.”

“This is what Moms says to their sons”Ā 

And that’s it. I’m writing this page and I have to thank her and Jazz Music too. To be honest I still have the feeling that every song it’s like the one before… But this is just because I’m not enthusiast about it. I’m not a fan. And if you don’t have a passion you’re not gonna make any research on it. And you’re not gonna listen properly.

Anyway, in here I’m just gonna write about Rock, of course. Even if just is not the proper word for the Rock World. We’re gonna have a bit of Punk, a bit of Metal, some Rock’n’Roll and all the shades of this exciting sound. I wanna talk to you about songs that are special for me, about my favourites artists since forever, about my memories, and I will let you know about the best Books in which you can find the real Rock stories. We’re gonna talk also about Rock Live Concerts, Rock Playlists and Rock People.

I guess the best way to spend money it’s on good bags and shoes… But if I have to choose, I will always follow the emotions.

A Live Concert (especially a Rock one) is an explosion of feelings. Shopping helps but a Rock track it’s pure energy!

Can’t wait to start!

See you soon Rock Babes!


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