A Day to Recharge your Soul in 3 easy moves!

Good evening Rock Babes!

I can already feel the Autumn blowing on my skin. I love this season because the air it’s fresh and everything around is changing slowly. The city begins to be more livable, the beaches are emptied a bit, and the air has a different scent.

The only problem is that my body starts to be more lazy and I feel like a bear that can not wait to go into hibernation, buried in the leaves and its puppies. And I feel a bit lonely too, ’cause this season makes me melancholy.

Therefore I absolutely need a recharge, and it must be strong! 😉

As you know Music is my strength and I rely on her power every time a need an adrenaline and energy discharge. I don’t know if you have the same feeling, but for my body and my brain music it’s a touch of freedom. She always has the ability to create in me the strength to face everything. As if she’s able to reinforce my bones and free my mind from negative thoughts, music make me feel that I can jump into everything.

“What would I do without her!?”

Probably today a concert would have really suits me! As Slash said in his autobiography…

“I don’t think there’s anything better than hearing your favourite band live”.

alt ="music"

But live concerts are not there every time we need them, so we must go through our bands albums to get the same feelings.

When I’m listening to a song, what I really find interesting is the melody more than the text. And this is how I decide how to create my playlists. I choose what sounds how I want to feel. I follow what my body needs.

For me rock music was born for this, and she has some contradictions that I love. You can almost never say what’s the meaning of a song if don’t read the real story about it in a book wrote by the author who created her. You can feel that a song it’s kind of romantic, sweet or sad, in the melody; but when you go through the lyric you figure out that it’s been wrote against something or someone, and has nothing about romance. Or you can believe that a song sounds strong and entertaining, like an ode to happiness; but then you read about how she was written and you realise it’s the saddest story you’ve ever heard of.

People often think of rock as something loud and aggressive, but the truth is that they don’t know it. If only I think about how much melody I found in rock songs … isn’t it true Rock Babes?

And do you know something? Often reading the reality behind the songs doesn’t change my feelings about it. This music comes to create vibrations that are too deep to be changed. There are some pieces that I love to death, written for serious reasons, and I know it, but they keep charging me. Because that’s how my soul respond!

I mean … I can start crying out of nothing just by listening to some notes … not even words … and even though I’ve never heard the song before. My body can start shivering for the same reason … even if I have no memories related to the song. I can start to smile the same way … just for the happy sound that I feel. Sometimes there are songs that remind me of something, but I’ve never heard them before.

This is one of the most important reasons why I always talk about feelings. You can not decide what to experience when a track sounds. You can not teach your body how to behave. There are no opportunities to be prepared. Nothing is premeditated. Just because you can’t.

The only power you have, is to choose the playlist that you know can work for a specific time. But also to do this you have to go through the feelings first, to know how your mind and your body react, and than classify the songs you love based on this.

We are usually not able to have the same feelings around something and this is awesome in my opinion. This is power Rock Babes!

That said I wanna let you know about a good way, for me, to let this lonely and grey days become more sparkling and shining. So here we go! This is going to be a tough week, and I really feel the necessity to start on the right foot.

  1.  A compilation to fill the house with positive energy! It’s not completed with all my recharging songs, but I’m working on it every time I go on You Tube. So you can find something new during the weeks  😉 And it’s doing it job well, anyway! There are some of the most famous, I know, but I never have enough of these beauties. As I told you it’s about the sound, not the words. These tracks always gives me an immediate discharge of energy and I recover within 5 minutes. alt ="recharge music"
  2. A book about one of my favourites rock band. There are tons of book about Guns N’ Roses and I’ve read a lot reviews to get the right one to know about their real story. This was written by Slash and Anthony Bozza and since I red the first page I knew that was the right choice. If you wanna have a look from the inside, and you want to get everything, from the beginning, you need to buy it too. 457 pages of excessive. I’m starting chapter 8, where Slash says “We had to build a space for our own”… I just can’t stop reading! alt ="recharge book"

    “If you’re asking yourself how can I read a book while the playlist is on… well I read in silence and turn on the playlist when I need a break and I have to do home works”

  3. Online shopping…you already knew it, don’t you? 🙂 Well, today I was just looking around for new clothes, and I created some new wish lists. But I found it useful even so. And I get something different, but super super rock… Actually my favourite “happy feelings” group. You can’t be sad when they’re playing and you can’t stop moving, jumping and dancing! Follow the hearts to know more ♥♥♥


See you Rock Babes!!

Have a new way to shop & don’t forget to recharge yourself for the new season!


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