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the rock essentials

Good Sunday loves! The weekend is finally back (and already almost gone), and it is time to share some wardrobe tips. I’ve spent my last week looking for items to fit into my “rock essentials” wardrobe. Now it’s ready for you to pic your favourites and start to build your perfect rock closet.

So we all know that leather jackets and biker boots are the must have. As well as a lot of black, and studs and skulls here and there.

Now it’s time to give it a twist!

The rule is to find some unique pieces to light up the look and be ready to dress up for anything.



Sequins, glitters, metallic textures. They are perfect to light up an evening total black outfit, to give texture to a casual morning and to be always ready for a concert. My favourite piece here are the silver trousers; add your favourite sneakers a plain tank and a leather jacket and you’ll have the most interesting brunch outfit ever.


Shirt dress

I believe in less is more, and when we create a rock outfit this rule is a must. Shirt dresses and oversized shirts are everywhere nowadays, and this make it easy to find the perfect one for your “rock essentials” wardrobe. I love that you can create more looks with this simple one thing, and you can jump from casual to chic just by changing the accessories.

One of my first blog post was all dedicated to Shirt dress outfits. If you need inspiration to complete the look have a read here.


Welcome to the jungle

Ok, this is a bit of a tricky one. Because animalier is everyone’s essential piece at the moment, doesn’t mean anything is fine. Again most of the job can be done with accessories, but if we want to be casual and relatively simple, then we must choose the correct jungle piece. In this case we should try to find something not too popular. For example go for snake shoes rather than leopard and try to find dresses with interesting shapes.

These below are perfect to make a statement without to much effort. Remember that snakes are Slash’s favourite pets!


Unconventional Denim

Since Jacob W. Davis created the first pair of denim pants in 1873, this fabric became a real star. We all love it and we I believe we will never get rid of it. But as a rock essential, denim must have a wow factor.

I’m not saying we can’t have a classic pair of jeans, of course, but when it comes to style, we can really be unique with denim.


Dizzy Split

I can give you a million reasons to choose splits, because I love them like crazy! I’m one of those that will never buy a maxi skirt if it hasn’t got a split. I love to show my studded bikers through them. Same thing for maxi dresses and, why not, on wide leg and palazzo trousers. Splits are essentials in our rock closet because they can fancy up a classic black’n’leather outfit, they give us a feminine and sexy touch and they match every shoes, from sneakers to heels.

And when you wanna wear you skinny pants, go for a top with a vertiginous neck cut.



I’m so happy about my founding for this post! I will buy every single thing on these galleries if I could! The last recommendation is to take it easy and give yourself time to look around and get what really attracts you. There’s no point on rushing to buy one of each and then realise you don’t feel it. But once you find the first piece for you rock essential collection, you’ll get what I mean.

Enjoy your shopping and don’t forget to let me know what is your favourite!

More essentials coming soon,

Love you,

JuliaG. xoxo

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