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Perfect Layers – 6 rules & 3 outfits

Morning beauties! Today I’d like to talk about a look that I’ve always loved, and I think it never goes out of style: layers. Because I know it’s not for everyone, and sometimes it’s difficult to get it right, I want to give you 3 inspo that always works and are easy to mix up.

The most important thing about layers is that you need to find the right fabric. The colour scheme is important too, but once you got some neutrals it’s easy to play with the musts of the season. Fabric and textures are more of a pain, so you need to pay attention to them first.

The basic rule for the perfect layer is that you need a minimum of 3 pieces. They all need to be seen – a singlet under a buttoned shirt doesn’t count – also from the back if possible. Than, all the pieces you wear must have different lengths between each others. To be clear, you shouldn’t cover everything up with the coat, unless you’re wearing more than 3 layers and the coat is to come off once you’re at the location.

It is always a good idea to have something long and fluttery, maybe some lace or chiffon coming out from one of the layers, and different cuts on each of them. These details will make the total look – which is quite messy – suitable for the eye. You need to move around while keeping a good look, and structured fabrics don’t always follow you movements and might lead you on a weird style. Last, having different proportions helps with the delivery of the outfit, because makes it easier to show every piece. The right fancy cut will make you stand out in your layers. So try to put together different cuts and hems.

Usually this look works perfectly with a skinny denim – maybe with a ripped knee – and bell leg trousers that are tight till the knees. Basically, the skinnier the better. Other style of pants will make it too messy and the focus might not be on the layers anymore.

But let’s write down some rules to make it easier. What will always work and help to keep your look in control, no matter what.

3 layers minimum

different lengths for all the pieces

thin & fluttery for at least one of your pieces

different cuts and proportions

shirts are always the easiest to find fluttery and asymmetrical

keep it simple on pants

Now that we have set up the basics, I like to give you a better idea of what I’m talking about. So I put together 3 outfit inspo where you can get ideas from. As always I’ll keep it a bit rock, to follow my personal taste, but I made sure to link versatile pieces that you can mix up to fit them into your personal style. Also, layers are a trend at the moment, but sometimes they go for a while, so the clothes I’m linking are perfect to be worn by themselves. You know I like to mix and match my clothes to give them new lives every time 😉 .

Also, it has been quite a long time that trends as oversized, long cuts and asymmetrical are musts. This means that you probably already own some good pieces for your layers, so make sure you have a good look in your wardrobe too.

LOOK 1 – Soft Layers

Long line tee or long tank top // Fluttery shirt // Leather or denim jacket

Silky or chiffon long line singlet // long sleeve tee w splits // leather or denim jacket


Tank top / Shirt / Skinny jeans / Jacket / Boots / Clutch

Leave the shirt open and add a belt if you fancy it. Or switch the shirt with a thin long line cardi.

LOOK 2 – Asymmetrical Layers

Long line asymmetrical shirt // Asymmetrical jumper/sweatshirt // Long or mid coat

Long line asymmetrical singlet/tee // Asymmetrical jumper // Cardi // Coat


Shirt / Jumper / Jeans / Coat / Boots / Belt

You can switch the coat with a short jacket, or wear it together with, as a 4th layer, just make sure everything sits nicely underneath the coat. The belt can go on the coat instead of the original one, or on the waist line over the jumper. Most important, take off all the belts if you’re wearing the leather jacket as 4th layer.


LOOK 3 – Dressy Layers

Fluttery n light shirt dress or slip dress // Oversized jumper/sweatshirt // Short leather jacket or blazer

Dress / Jumper / Blazer / Sneakers / Boots / Clutch

 Love you, JuliaG.

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