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St Patrick’s day in your Rock way! 6 tricks for you here!

Welcome St Paddy’s Day!

It’s always a pleasure to see you!

Isn’t it Rock Babes? I found every Patrick’s Day super funny and crazy. Everyone is in the mood from the early morning. People dress green and gadgets at work, and they start to celebrate before leaving their work places. The city looks like a green Luna Park. I’m pretty sure that it seems a huge park, seen from the sky. Everyone is happy and sociable, and you can have a crazy night with everyone around you, no matters if you don’t know them and you never gonna see them again.

But we never have to loose our soul Rock Babes, so I’m here to let your Patrick’s Day be rock as you.

Considering that most of you are going to parties immediately after work, my outfit this time gives you the possibility to have a fast and easy change of look.

  1. Palazzo high waist pants_  Perfect for every occasion, with these pants you’re gonna be professional for work and immediately ready for your fancy afternoon. These pants are also very fresh for the hot days because they’re not sticky as the skinny ones.alt ="patricks pants asos"
  2. Body swimsuit_  Looks like a nice top at work, it’s a beautiful trend of these months for your night out and…you never know what could happen on St Patrick’s Day, and wearing this you are prepared for a pool party as well! Choose something particular like this one below. Oversized frill and you’re gonna be pleasantly noticed by everyone! alt ="patricks swimsuit asos"
  3. Biker Jacket_  My secret love and the easiest way to dress a bit of rock. But it’s green for this occasion! alt ="patrick jacket asos"
  4. A handbag with a removable pouch_ This is awesome and fast. You don’t have to change the bag when you finish work. All you need it’s already in the pouch, and you can leave the handbag at the office. alt ="patrick bag asos"alt ="patrick earings asos"alt ="patrick jewels asos"
  5. Green accessories_ Be careful, colour doesn’t mean low quality. What I do it’s look for something cool to wear also for other occasions. Because accessories talk a lot about you. They scream your personality loud and clear at the rest of the world. Therefore they are you rock best friends!
  6. Shoes_ If you can wear heels the whole day without regrets and pain, I’ll say you must wear them. Because are perfect for the office and the night out too. They also match perfectly with the palazzo trousers. But if you can’t stand heels from morning to night, or if your job doesn’t allowed you to wear them, I have a cool choice below…


alt ="patrick shoes asos"  alt ="patrick shoes asos"  alt ="patrick shoes asos"










alt ="Patrick's shoes asos"Stud brogue_ Absolutely professional and with a touch of rock…just lovely! You can wear them for your night as well (perfect fancy match with you pants) or you can bring with you your heels, so you can change before leaving work.


See Rock Babes … no stress, no change, no complains! You are just awesome and perfect as always, with some rock vibes around you and a rock green outfit with you! Need anything else? 😉 Oh there is something else…as always, what I buy for an event it’s something I will always be able to wear again, for usual days. So you don’t have to worry about waist your money, cause with me this will never happen! 😉 😉 😉


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See you, I’m going to the beach!


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