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Ain’t it fun?!

Ain’t it fun a live concert?! Isn’t awesome being there with someone you love to have fun together and get into each others more and more?! And ain’t it fun have a new experience to talk about?! It is, isn’t it!?

Gooooood morning Rock Babes!

Wanna know about it? Because I have to talk you about my Friday night event. Remember??!

Paramore live concert

at the Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney

Paramore, 9Feb2018

Live concert at Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney

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Mine is an honest blog, so I have to tell you they are not my favourite and they’ve never been, but my slogan is “Go to as much live as you can!“. So there I was and I admit it was a really great show.

For my experience every sort of rock show turns always in a unique and satisfactory event. I’ve been to many of those so trust me when I say that they are all awesome. Some better than others, but I’m proud of having been to all those I’ve been to.

I mean, can you say there is something more exciting than this? Me neither! Fun, adrenaline, energy, feelings and shivers of emotions. Every single time. All enclosed in an hour and something of your life.

Anyway, Paramore… my drawer is full of memories… You can’t believe how many I have, going mentally through their songs. Their 1st album debuted in 2005, when I got involved in rock music just 3 years before (and I was pretty young), so I only have memories connected to Emergency from All we know is falling. My feelings are more around Riot!, of 2 years later.

That’s what you getHallelujah, Misery Business, Crushcrushcrush & We are broken…  😉

These are my favourites and, during the show, I could see clearly myself back in those years. I was a teen starting to have her freedom and hanging out with her friends, simply wherever we could find some stairs to sit onto, around the city. Music on and tons of laughs in the air. We were trying to let that last forever.

After other 2 years, almost in my 20’s I was not feeling like a teenager anymore and I was changing habits and meeting new people, who are still in my life actually. I thought my personality was going to change as well, but it didn’t at all. I was the same little rock blonde, just not so little anymore.

In fact I got involved again…

Ignorance, Brick by boring brick, Decode. I was still the girl who loves the sound of rock! Charisma is what I always needed when I was listening to music, and my passion was still there. Stuck in my emotions.

But also The only exception and Misguided ghost. Love and break hearts memories on these tracks. 

“The once we trusted the most push us far away”. A simple phrase, simply true.

There are songs that seems to know everything about us.

So what can you do other than close your eyes, stop thinking, and follow the notes? I remember in those years, when I fought with someone, I used to go to bed with the stereo next to me, on the floor, the headphones on and some songs like the above playing (registered from the radio on a cassette tape).

Paramore are one of the facets of rock. Pop-punk, alternative rock, pop-rock. However you wanna say, for me the music they’ve made until Brand new eyes album, it’s a sort of soundtrack of my teen years (also music of other rock artists, of course).

Now it’s a bit different. The sound is not so “strong” as it was but I think it’s more a “fun way to get through life”.

Hayley said something during the show that let me have this new view about them. Paramore have lived many times leavings from their members. It’s something I still don’t understand about a band, and I still prefer when a group is able to remain the same for their whole career. But, as she said last night, people grow and sometimes change. So this is what happen often, I guess.

Anyway, I love the way how Hayley still keep the “real factor”, and how she carry it on the stage. She is awesome as a front woman. Literally an explosion of energy, and her charisma gives such an infectious enthusiasm at the audience. Jumping and dancing all over the stage, moving her blond hair, kicking and spitting sometimes.

“That was really funny, Little Hayley!”


Originally, she was supposed to become a pop singer but she wanted to play alternative rock with a band, and she  wanted to make sure she didn’t look like a pop princess. She wanted Paramore got the chance to show what they could do as a rock band writing their own songs. (have a look on Wikipedia).

From my point of view she is not a pop princess, of course… but she is a pop-punk princess and even if she doesn’t want to look like this, she IS the front and she IS the image of the band. Probably Hayley is still trying to let people think about the band and not just her, but I’m not sure the plan it’s working.

In my opinion when we say “I’m going to see that band” we probably should be honest and say “I’m going to see him or her”… ’cause most of the times that’s what we do. And that’s what I did. And I’m proud ’cause she’s been amazing and she gave me what I was looking for… I recharged myself, I loose a bit of my heart in there, as always, and I have new memories and feelings connected to her voice.

Sometimes are the voices, sometimes are strophes, sometimes are the people.

And you? Have you been there?

Let me know Rock Babes! rockundermyskin@gmail.com 

Kisses! See you for the next one!

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