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Palm Cove relax & chill

Hello loves! It’s finally time for the big Palm Cove post. It took me a little while to create this, cause I’ve been crazy busy at work this week and last weekend I had an incredible surprise bday party (which I’ll tell you more about very soon!). I wanted to find a perfect way to share with you my first travel post. But considering that this is not a travel blog, I decided I just want you to see how beautiful is Palm Cove, and share with you the vibes and feelings we had there.

This can be considered our 3rd proper vacation and trip. We took the occasion to celebrate my 30s, and I’ve decided to start from here a little new tradition. We’ve never travel much, being both crazy focused on our jobs, so from now I’ve decided to find time to relax and visit the world. Especially considering how much there’s to see in Australia and how close we are now from places we would have never even considered when we were in Italy.

We left for a late midday flight to have the morning to get ready and tidy up the apartment. I just love to come back from any trip and find my place tidy and fresh, cause it makes me happy to be back. I had the day before off from work, but that for me has always been the shopping day before the leaving. The fight is a short 4 hours trip, that becomes 3 thank to the different time zone. So we landed around 3.30 pm and we catch the resort shuttle. We booked it by calling the resort the day before and to be honest, they had to wait for us cause we got a coffee as soon as we touch the ground! 😉 (couldn’t resist for half an hour drive!)

You can easy catch an Uber for the same price (few dollars difference) but we thought it would have been nice to see more of the panorama from this little bus that goes a bit slower than an Uber and talked us into the Queensland vibes.

As soon as we got to the Pullman Palm Cove Sea Temple Resort & Spa, we’ve been welcomed with a fresh pineapple juice and a calm atmosphere. The receptionist talked us to our room, we left the luggage and we went for our first walk on the beach. Crazy beautiful beach! And amazing coloured sunset. Here the sun will hide behind the resorts trees. So in front of us the ocean will became soft pink and blue, with delicate tones. Very different from the red/orange you always see when the sun hides behind the waves. But equally breathtaking. We were amazed.

Every morning I woke up around 5.30 (not intentionally) and I took in the awesome view we had from our balcony. Than I woke up Daniele (not very happy about it!), and we went for hour walks to watch the sunrise. We’ve been lucky enough to see a few dolphins passing by the day of my bday. So many hours spent there just watching the ocean, breathing the salty air and thinking about…well, nothing. It was incredibly relaxing. The calm that fills Palm Cove is something I always look for in a vacation. And when I’d realise how magical was the atmosphere there, I just couldn’t stop taking it. This place filled my soul so much that I’m still feeling it after the crazy week I had at work.

The resort is another gold star of our vacation.

The water features, the plants, the pools and the restaurant where also soaked by the relaxing vibes. Walking around both sides of Palm Cove and Clifton beaches, we saw all the other hotels and apartments and I think we choose the best one. Of course I can’t talk for the inside of the hotels and the rooms. But what I’m looking for is the access to beach and the pool layout, when we travel to relax.

The Pullman Palm Cove Sea Temple Resort & Spa it’s the only one (for how far I saw) that allows you to watch the sunrise by the pool. They have this middle pool in front of the wooden bridge that accesses the beach. This bridge is surrounded by the mangroves, so you can see the gold sand under them and the sun rays coming over them. I felt in love straight away! Oh, and a croc lives under that bridge, but we never got to see him. (not sure if I’m happy or sad about this!)

There’s also a spa, the gym and a tiny shop where we bought our souvenirs.

So if you walk towards Clifton beach, the scene is more wild and free. There are some apartments to rent and beautiful photographic points. This is the side where the dolphins where heading. If you rather see a bit of life, you can walk the other side, on what it is Palm Cove, and you’ll find everything. There are all the hotels, and the shops, restaurants, pubs, hairdressers… everything you need. But don’t get too excited, it’s not party nightlife! Also the excursions and the water sports are on this side. And there’s a landing stage where you can go fishing, or simply take in the view from over the water.

We had the buffet breakfast included in our booking, cause I love buffet breakfasts and cause when I wake up on holidays I don’t wanna think about where and what. I just need and love to have everything ready waiting for me! For lunch we often had something easy on the terrace by the pool. The resort have a good range of drinks and meals, and you can have it everywhere in the pools area, even laying on the deckchair!

Another nice thing happening in the resort is the live music on Sunday afternoon. We happened to have a guy playing the sax, and guess what… He played Nothing Else Matters (Metallica) !!!

 Dinner is a different story. Palm Cove has choices for every taste and every budget. We did try a bit of everything. From the relaxed vibes of the Chill Cafe’, to the luxurious and gorgeous Nou Nou. The Chill Cafe’ has a nice wooden terrace, where we you have the ocean view from the high tables and a wide range of sharing meals. The calamari are crazy good!

Nou Nou is just the most beautiful restaurant in Palm Cove from our point of view. We had my bday dinner there. The atmosphere is amazing. The view is crazy. The food is delicious. We’ve been lucky enough to have the full moon coming from the ocean that night. It was huge! The terrace is a deck platform on a perfectly green garden. It is completely open and has lights hanging side to side as a roof. And the indoor room is open on the ocean side, so the awesome view can be seen from every single table. The layout is perfect, the design is soft and lovely and there are plants standing and hanging all over the place.

This is also the first place where I’ve found the Pinot Blanc, which is my favourite white wine. (never found it in Sydney yet 🙁 )

The Temple of Taste is the Pullman Palm Cove Sea Temple Resort & Spa internal restaurant. This is another lovely place for dinner. We had a few there, and we loved the change of colours of the terrace between the morning. At dinner time everything turns to a warm orange and makes you feel calm and relaxed. The staff is professional and friendly and we liked to hang at the bar for a Port after dinner. Just so you know, desserts are huge! And delicious!

I hope you enjoyed to follow us in this short and lovely trip. Have a nice day!

Love you,

JuliaG. xoxo

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