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Organize your home with the best 31 Amazon finds

Hi lovelies! Today I’m sharing some of my Amazon finds to organize your home. I’ve been looking for wardrobe storage boxes and bags to be ready for the change of season. Every year is a bit of a nightmare considering the size of our wardrobe compared to the amount of clothes and accessories we have. We bought two drawers from Ikea at the end of last year but it doesn’t seem to be enough still. We also want to renovate the bed, and get one with storage or drawers underneath, but we didn’t find what we want yet.

So, in the meantime, I’m trying to organize the wardrobe as best as I can with boxes and organizers of any kind. I still like it to be pleasant for the eyes, and this makes the procedure a bit longer. It seems quite difficult to find what I like, so I’ve been literally looking everywhere! Amazon can be tricky, but it really has a lot of options to organize every space in the house.

With the promise that I will show you how it’ll be the final result of the wardrobe and drawers, I’m just gonna share here what I think it’s valuable and pleasant from Amazon. Hopefully these organizing finds will really help you sort out your stuff too!

I don’t have many rules to follow, but certainly a few tips that will help keep it tidy and clean.

I always have wooden hangers which I think are perfect for coats and blazers
The vacuum bags help me a lot to store away the winter coats and blankets
All my other clothes like shirts and dresses are carefully hanged with velvet hangers to keep the fabric intact
  • boxes with lid for items you don’t wear often to keep the dust at the minimum amount possible
  • boxes that can be stackable, although you don’t have to, it’s very useful to have the option if you need
  • plastic vacuum bags for items definitely not in use for the season
  • same hangers they save a lot of space if they hang the same way
  • keep it simple, you don’t have to box everything, it might become stressful to set up and difficult to manage. We also want to b able to find things with a quick look, so keep them visible.
  • save your shoe boxes
  • always save the dust bags of your handbags
  • invest in storage furniture whenever possible (bed, sofa, ottoman, bench); it’s a little more expensive but will give you so much additional storage space you’ll always be grateful for
  • if possible stick to light colours – especially for the inside – so that you can see clearly what’s in the boxes

Lots of love, JuliaG.

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