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Oil Cleanser: My new amazing product!

Hi loves! Let’s talk about oil cleanser today! Since I bought Korean’s beauty products online, I just can’t do otherwise. I find that I can really take my time to pic the products and decide which are the better choices for my skin type. In fact, on the online shops, the product’s descriptions are complete and you can read through them to find what suits you. When in stores, on the other side, I find that descriptions are not so clear, and sometimes you can only read what’s written on the bottles, but most likely you’ll only find the ingredients.

That said, you know my favourite online beauty shop closed a few months ago. But good news girls! I have finally found an even better one! There’s a wider variety of brands and orders are sent really fast! You will receive your products most likely in 3 days, in a beautiful package and with lots of samples. You’ll also receive a 10% discount code for three friends.

Since I tried some Korean beauty brands I got addicted. I find they really are working on my skin – which has always been a concern for me. And I love the delicate scents and textures. Also, they are natural products and not tested on animals. I like these products that much, that I have finally got into a good routine – which has always been hard for me.

My favourite product of the moment is the oil cleanser. I use it first thing in the morning – instead of soap – and sometimes as a makeup remover. An oil cleanser leave your skin soft, silky and deeply cleaned, and are perfect to prepare it for the moisturiser. They are so delicate that I can try different ones without upsetting my skin.

At the moment I’m trying the Lavander Calming Cleansing Oil from Real Blend and I’m loving it! Considering that I usually don’t like lavender scented stuff, this is so delicate that I’m changing my mind. This is specifically made for my skin type, cause it’s made with Marseille soap, Chamomile and real Lavender for a mild application that can be used on sensitive skin. It removes skin impurities and makeup softly and mildly, and maintains a comfortable skin state even after cleansing.

The packaging is also very cute. It’s a clear plastic bottle and there are real lavender stems inside it. It’s available also in Deep Cleansing, with Sylvestre Flower and Rich Cleansing, with White Autumn Flower, so it’s a prefect as a thoughtful gift for your girlfriends. I love when a product is available in different scents, so I can do equal gifts that are still unique for all my girls.

xoxo JuliaG.

Sylvester Flower
White Autumn Flower
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