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oh my Sale!

Morning loves! How was your Christmas?! Mine was kinda different this year. And kinda weird too. But, now is sale time! Which is one of the things I love the most! Because after you’ve done all the gifts for everyone, and you might have spent a lot, you really deserve something for yourself!

Now, at the moment literally everything is on sale, so you may need to create your own priority list, so you don’t get stuck with unnecessary things. Even tho they’re lovely. Everything does look lovely when it’s on sale, right?

So here we go, 3 simple rules to make you shopping worth:

  • Decide what’s most important. For me, the most important thing this time of the year is to treat yourself. Because after an year of hard work, you get to gift the others for Xmas. And maybe you also get to cook and clean for the whole family and to do what makes everyone happy. It is lovely and generous and it fulfil your heart of joy. But we all need our space, and the best gift is always what you do for yourself. So if there’s something you’ve been waiting to buy for a long time, and it is quite expensive, and now it’s on crazy sale price, GO AND GET IT! Does’t matter if it’s a vacuum, a trip, a piece of furniture or a handbag. So, if it was very expensive and always been in your dreams, just get it!

Left to right:

Diva Mini BlackFantastica Dome DaliaMimi M CherryMimi S BlackMimi Mini WhiteFantastica S Dome Light BlueCorona M Black Bucket

I’ve always wanted to start a little collection of designer bags. Furla is one of the most valuable Italian leather, and I always had them in my mind. Also, I always thought a Furla could be my first, and now that I reached this little goal I’m so happy. Their simplicity and clean line make them perfect for every occasion and every style.


  • Go for something useful. You need to have some useful shopping for two reasons. One: you will thank yourself to be such a thoughtful person. Two: you must have something to cover up your treat from the point above. Well, I’m kidding but not really. Because sale time is perfect to buy lots of things you need, always needed and always will. And when normal stuff you will get anyways are at lower prices you should get advantage of it. I’m thinking about candles, creams and beauty products, kitchen equipment, lingerie, notebooks and kids school stuff.

Left to right:

Town Talk Bergamot & Lime Multi Surface Cleaner and Washing Up Liquid Blackberry and Fig when I can have fancy clening bottles at these prices I’ll always get them! – Corkcicle Cup 350ml Gloss White this is Daniele’s favourite cup ever. He tried so many and now he won’t try anything else! – Kitchencraft Food Saver Vegetable Bag 20cm another thing I love to buy on sale is something I’ll never get full price but still useful and cute at the meantime – Scullery Lets Twist Spiraliser AubergineLinen House Cotton Velour Robe Grey (one size fits most) – Bas Phillips Hayman Zero Twist Bath Towel OatmealDurance Olive Liquid Soap 300mlPalm Beach Sea Salt CandlePrepara Market Fresh Colander Set Red/White

  • Do not behave too much. Well now it’s time for some clothes. Because there are some stuff you always need and some others that will help to refresh your wardrobe. And don’t forget something for New Years Eve! I’ll see you in the next post for this one!

Lots of love!



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