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3 last minute thoughts to surprise Mum on her day!

Hi babes!

I have a few thing running in my head at the moment and I really want to talk to you about all, but the first most important is Mother’s day.

I am probably a bit late but I’m sure some of you still don’t know exactly what will be the best gift. And, to be honest, I’m kind of a fan of last minute things. I really enjoy to run around and be able to find the perfect gift at the last second. It is a bit stressful, but I always make sure to programme my reward at the end of the rush.

To let this work though, you need to build some ideas during the weeks before, which is again something I’m sure most of you have done as well.

So I’ve been thinking about this for like two weeks and here is my last minute guide for you babes.

Surprise Mum!

This is the most last minute ever, but it’s my favourite! Why? Simply because it seems something you’ve programmed ages before!

If your mum is one of those who never programme anything because of a 100 reasons, and she’ll never expect big things because she’s simple and relaxed (as my mum is), this is the gift for her!

Just call her on Sunday morning saying you wanna have brekky together to celebrate just a little bit. When you meet, have first a walk around the city. Rock in some shops saying you need to buy this or that (better to choose one of her favourite shops) and pay attention on what she loves in there. Then find a way to buy that something without being noticed. Buy something also for yourself it’s a good trick to hide hers.

Now you’re ready to go for breakfast and surprise her.

Will work even better if you have a nice card, that I’m sure you all have already prepared anyway.

You can do this in the afternoon as well, so the shopping walk can be followed by an aperitif. Or you can rather decide to go to the town markets. The choice for the timing is yours but I guarantee she’ll love it and she’ll feel so pampered!

Pretty little things

This is something I love to do every now and then for the people I love, not only as a last minute thing. It basically works as a Xmas stocking for kids.

So what you have to do is find a few hours to spent in mall, choose a few of yours and hers favourite shops, and buy a little thing in each one. I’ll recommend to focus on the accessories stationery for clothes stores. Remember you have to find a lot of nice little gifts.
The trick is to get mini sized goods that she love, and little thoughts to make her laugh.

This idea will work better if you give yourself a budget. Otherwise the risk is to spend way to much, and the gift won’t have the same effect on your mum.

To give an idea here’s a list of what I will get for my mum:

  • the travel size of her favourite hand cream, shower gel and body lotion
  • a few scented candles, better if in small size and from different brands
  • a nice nail polish or nail care product
  • some nice hair styling accessories, from one of her favourite brands
  • the book she wanted, or a funny little book about mums
  • some nice notebooks, that you can also use to write something on the first page instead of getting a card
  • if she’s not a fan of expensive jewels, there are so many beautiful silver pieces in every clothes shop. So you can select one of her preferred one, and get a nice set for a cheap price
  • a new makeup purse is always useful
  • something with a sweet writing like a mug, an ornament or a frame

You can also add a big thing in the middle of this little ones, like her perfume, a piece of fine jewellery or a clothe accessory as a belt or a scarf. But remember to keep always an eye on your budget.

And don’t forget to get a nice box to fit everything in!

The evergreen

Green in name and in fact! Yes, I’m talking about plants and flowers. Every woman like it, and every mum love it, but how to do not be foregone it’s another thing. Here is my last trick.

If you wanna go for a plant, which I definitely prefer ’cause it’s something that remains, try to find something not common. Her favourite type of plant is not the best idea, ’cause is the one that everyone will buy for her at least twice per year. We want to be different, and make her feel special, ’cause we are the most close person to her. So rock in a proper florist or a greenhouse, and ask for the new arrivals. Now you need to find a vase, that will fit nicely in her place, and last but not least, get a soft ribbon and make a nice bow around the vase. Gift a plant with no vase does’t make sense at all. Most of the people don’t have a spare vase, so the plant will sit on the floor for a while. Also, is not a complete gift if you make the person to go shopping to complete the job.

This is much better than the clear wrapped plant from a random shop. This is a thoughtful gift for your mum, and she’ll love it!

If you rather go for flowers, it’s almost the same thing. Create your own bouquet (please don’t buy the prepared ones), wrap the stems together with a soft ribbon and find a nice card. I will suggest to find a vase for them, ’cause flowers are not forever as we all know.

Now you’re ready for another run of last minute shopping!

Have a beautiful day, love you!


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