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Mother’s Day_ the ideas for 2020

Hi ladies! Mother’s Day is close, but this year it’s gonna be different, I guess. I’m thinking about everybody around the world. Here in Australia, most will be able to visit their mums and have quite a normal day. But this day always makes me think about what can we do to cut the distance. Because me and mum are apart, I’ve always provided some nice gift guides that allow us to send gifts no matter where we are.

This year tho, it is going to be tricky, and we’re not sure if gifts will arrive on time, due to the massive online shopping that’s happening already. So, unless you’ve already thought about it and have sent your presents, I’d like to suggest to help your local businesses. We need to help our economy – wherever we live – to get back on track, and what a better occasion than Mother’s Day!

If you are in a country where you’re allowed to visit – and your mum is in the same country – the best thing to do is to shop in yours or hers suburb. You can have a walk these days and check out what’s open. Probably most of the non essentials are still close, so why don’t get a few little things from different shops. Things she like and maybe she buys anyway, but hey, we can still surprise her!

For example, find a cute basket of any kind, even something that will be used for the laundries. I’m thinking that maybe not everywhere you can find a home wear shop open, but you can certainly find a decent – and useful – basket at the grocery and/or supermarket. So get your favourite that mum will like, and be generous with the filling. I’m thinking of something little from a few different shops you find open. Like some fresh fruit from the fruit shop, a fancy kind of pasta or some legumes from the little market, a magazine or a book, a mug, mum’s favourite chocolate, something new for baking or cooking, and so on. Whatever you know she loves and is always on her shopping list. This way you’ll surprise mum with something nice and useful, and you’ll help a few shops around you. Isn’t this good?

If you’re experiencing financial difficulties, it’s always a lovely and thoughtful idea to bake something and create a card yourself. You can make it special, adding a flower from one of you plants. Also, you can give her one of your books that you’ve really enjoyed or that reminds you about her somehow. To make it precious, add an inscription on the inside of the cover. Because Mother’s Day should be a thought for her, these will make her even happier than something you can buy.

If you and mum are apart, I think the best to do is to find out what’s open where mum lives, and organise to get something delivered for Sunday. The easiest thing to find will probably be a florist or a cellar. You can pic her favourite flowers or – even better – a plant; and you can add a bottle of wine or just a card. Or do one or the other. But it’s also quite easy to find brands that are working with their online shops, in the country where she lives. This way you avoid the international shipping time – and fee! To give you an example, one year I organised a gift delivery from the Pandora Italian website. It arrived perfectly on time and mum was so happy. Many brands we love are international, so it was easy. Just remember to convert the price to don’t get surprises! ;p

xoxo JuliaG.

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