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Hi girls! Hope you’re doing well! Today I’d like to jump into something new for me. I wanna talk you into my makeup routine. It is something I wanted to do for a little while, but I think now it is the perfect time for this, cause I have finally found some products that are worth talking about.

I tried so many different makeup products for so many years. So you can imagine that  I’ve been thru very cheap and very expensive ones, delicate and strong, bio and non. Believe me, I tried almost everything! When I finally found what seemed to be MY foundation, they stopped making it. I know, what a shame! But honestly I wanna thank whoever stopped its production cause he gave me the possibility to change for better.

Foundation has always been in my makeup bag. ALWAYS. Till I switched to BB cream. Not when BB cream first appeared on the shelves (I tried but didn’t like it at the time), but a few months ago. Cause the thing is, how many BB creams there are too many products on the market and I really find difficult to decide what’s good for my skin sometimes. And usually when I’m reading the labels to make a decision, I got it wrong.

As I said a few post ago, I’m definitely not an expert. I’m not even good at makeup. But I know I have one of the most annoying face skin types, and if what I’m using works for me, I’m almost sure it will do for most of you. My face skin is greasy and I have little scars from touching it too often (I’m working on this, but it is very difficult since it’s been a habit for too many years). So as you can imagine, my aim is to cover them as best as I can. But also I don’t like the mask effect given by a lot of products. I need to cover my imperfections but I still like to have a natural effect.

Premise that, I believe in ‘less is better’ and ‘be natural’, and I wear just a few products. Some of them are a little more expensive, but as I said, I tried so many things that if I’ve chosen these, trust me, they are in the range of the best. Here is what I’m using at the moment and I’m so happy with.

Told so, today I will give you my suggestions for the base that I find perfect for myself. Hopefully it’ll be a revelation for you too.


BB Cream


I found it by accident in Wolli cause I needed it coming from the beach. Never had a better accident.

It is from Maybelline and it’s called ‘Dream Matte BB Cream‘ in colour Light/Medium and has SPF15 protection. It comes also in light, and is only around $12. So cheap and so perfect for my greasy skin. It is oil-free and helps covering imperfections, reduces blemishes and calms redness. Trust me when I said this BB cream visibly smooths and clears imperfections and minimises pores.

What I do is clean my face with water or tonic first, than apply my face cream (at the moment I’m using the Cosrx Moisturising Lotion from April&Ko ) and then I wear a layer of this BB cream. I leave it a bit to absorb properly, and I try on some outfits in the meantime. When you’ll go to the mirror again, you’ll see the difference! If you don’t wear anything else on top of it, you can even give it a second layer. Otherwise this is what I do as a second step.


Perfecting Setting Powder


This is from Marc Jacobs and it’s called ‘Finish Line Perfecting Coconut Setting Powder‘.

It is a creamy, loose setting powder with five forms of coconut and cocoa butter to set makeup with a soft-matte finish for up to 8 hours. This loose translucent powder melts perfectly for a healthy and hydrated look, it is crazy soft and it cover a bit more the imperfections without marking my fine lines. Because it’s so lightweight and soft, makes my makeup looking fresh all day. And the mess-free interior mesh ensures the ideal amount of powder is released for application, which I adore. It is also the perfect size for travel. Also it has a delicate coconut scent!

Probably because it’s quite a new product I could’t find it on Amazon to link it, but you can get it from Sephora or try the Chanel Universal Natural Finish Loose Powder, in #20 Clair. I red the description and the ingredients, and it seems to be very very similar to the Marc Jacobs I use.


O!Mega Bronze


The last layer is a touch of colour, again from Marc Jacobs Beauty and it’s called ‘O!mega Bronze Coconut Perfect Tan‘.

This bronzer comes in 2 shades and I use the lighter one. This super-sized bronzer instantly and universally beautifies your skin with the touch of a brush. The micro-fine, jet-milled powder blends effortlessly for a natural matte finish on every skin tone. As the ‘Finish Line Perfecting Coconut Setting Powder‘, the bronzer is delicately scented with coconut fragrance for an endless summer feel. Ilove it cause it blends seamlessly onto my skin for a flawless, radiant-matte finish.

You can get it from Sephora or you can try the similar one I’ve found on Amazon which is the also from Marc Jacobs Beauty and it’s the ‘O!Mega Bronze – Perfect Tan Tantric. This palette is from the previous collection and is a best-selling formula of the brand. Only difference, the new coconut one is a more neutral and universally flattering shade.


This is what I’m loving at the moment, and it is what I never go out without. I hope you’ll get to try them cause their quality is unbelievable!

I’ll see you soon lovelies!

Many kisses!


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