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Chanel is Chanel, but…

Good morning rockbabes!

Xmas is knocking and I’m so excited! I think it’s my favourite time of the year. The thing I love the most is how the spirit of the cities change. Everything seems to be in a sort of happy and peaceful bubble, and the decorations around are something that I still fall in love with every year.

We’re gonna go back to our home town this year, but only for the New Year Eve. Two of our best friends are getting married on the 28th here in Sydney, so the plan is to fly in Italy the day after and be in time for the NYE celebrations in our town. So much excited for both the wedding and the holidays 😍 !!!

So I’ll let you know about everything, and I’m preparing some gift guides for those of you who are in a cold country (which my favourite choice for the Xmas season) and for those who are here in Australia.

But for today, let’s talk about something special.


Rebecca Minkoff is one of my favourite designers, and I’ve recently received the approve to be an affiliate of her brand, so this post is dedicated to her and the amazing collection she made, which is actually on sale at the moment.

Starting from the beginning, let’s be honest. We all love Chanel (my About page says something about this), no matter what’s our style. Obviously, Chanel is Chanel, and somehow a bag from her it’s a huge statement that can match every single style, outfit and personality. So we all wanna have one, some of us are probably saving for her, but only a few lucky are seriously able to afford her.

From my side, it is a matter of statement, a bit, but most it’s about the quality, the timeless enclose in the style and the adaptability on the outfits.

And this is the exact same reason why I’m totally in love with Rebecca Minkoff.

With her I can find everything I want from a bag. They are timeless, elegant and sporty at the meantime, simple and adaptable, but with a spirit enclose in them. They all look simple, at first glance, but the truth is that Rebecca fit in her bags that something I call “forever feeling”.


01. Blythe Medium Flap Crossbody

02. Puffy Large Tote

03. Blythe Crossbody Bag (available on Shopbop)

04. Christy Small Crossbody

05. Moto Hobo Bag (available on Shopbop)

06. Avery Crossbody Bag (available on Shopbop)

07. Mini MAC Crossbody Bag (available on Shopbop)

08. Regan Satchel (available on Shopbop)

09. Striped Regan Leather Tote (available on Gilt)

All under $ 200 (and some under $ 150 !!!)

Rebecca Minkoff is capable to create collections where every single item can be perfect for every occasion, which is easy going but look so precious. She left the choice on us regarding the outfit, because if you own one of her creations, you can create hundred outfits. A Minkoff will always match perfectly!

I personally love the attention at the details. Some studs here and there, but never to much. And the hinges always enriched by that two fine and long enough strings. Such a sophisticated and rock touch! Also, the leather is soft and precious, even only to the eye. The pockets are simply perfectly placed. The shoulder handles are beautiful, because Rebecca has left the choice on us here too. If you go for a cross body, you will have plenty of handles to buy themselves, and so you’re gonna give your bag a new look by a strap touch.


01. Mini MAC Crossbody Bag (available on Shopbop)

02. Avery Crossbody Bag (available on Shopbop)

03. Bree Crossbody

04. Regan Satchel Tote 

05. Blythe Small Leather Crossbody (available on Gilt)

06. Love Crossbody

07. Moto Hobo

All under $ 200 (and some under $ 100 !!!)

Maybe the thing I love the most is Rebecca’s ability to understand which colour to match with the gold details and which one the silver ones. And also, the Minkoff nuances. OMG! I’ve never ever found a collection where every single colour could be my favourite. Never before this. Green, grey, red, pink, brown, avory… and how many shades of pink and brown and blue! Just the perfect nuance for every one of those.

At the moment a lot of my favourites are on sale and this means they are even more affordable than how they usually are! So now make you choice babes!

Your rockbabe,



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