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 Hi girls! What is your Zodiac sign? I’m a Libra. Most of my friends would say I’m definitely not balanced! ;P Jokes a part, my mum is a Libra too, and some of the people I had more close during life are the same sign. There’s kind of love and hate between us carrying this sign. At least this is what I feel.

During the years I’ve red many horoscopes, just for curiosity, cause I don’t really believe in abstract things. But I do believe in what they say about us.

Libra is the aesthete of the Zodiac, therefore fascinated by beauty, and have the necessity to be surrounded by beautiful objects, which are the perfect reflection of her good taste. It is motivated by physical appearance and harmony.

For the friends that don’t think I’m balanced, my equipoise is harmony, my friends! ;P

As a Libra I love my persons and everything comes after their happiness. I am attracted by high art and intellectualism, and I know I’m definitely good at new initiatives, although distracted by indecision. I usually prefer to trust my instinct, and I’m often right.

Another thing people say about Libra is that we love our social image and struggle with ‘cold’ people. Absolutely true for me!

Roughly this are my main characteristics, and the funny thing is that I usually give the credit (and the blame) to her for how I am. Which I suddenly realised it is true, but just because she was a Libra role model for a little Libra girl.







I honestly bought this tee also cause Runway the label put it on the sales donation for the bush fires.

I did also this, cause I think it is an awesome and huge gesture from brands and retailers to share their income for this big tragedy. And, even if some people might think it’s a trick to increase sales, I do believe they’re doing what they promised. And BTW, we have to believe that some kindness still exist. As well as I think is a great initiative to spur those who struggle to decide which is the best charity to donate, and those who are a bit mingy. This doesn’t mean that I understand being stingy in front of this situation, but I think it’s smart to find a way to move everyone, even if just a little.

The website, next to the tee, says about Libra that ‘This woman embodies fairness, she believes in justice and balance. She is represented by scales, evenly weighted, flawless and complete. She is sociable, charismatic and captivating, drawing people to her. And she thrives off people‚ energy. She is unique and powerful. Beautiful. The kind of magic that you marry. Her beauty is in her eyes and her truth is reflected in her soul. She has value far greater than just her looks. She is strong as hell, spectacularly created.

I couldn’t resist to this phrases!

So go get your, with your special Zodiac sign phrase, and why not, get one for your girlfriends!

Love you, JuliaG. xoxo


P.S.: Some of my favourite singers are Libra too… Avril, Springsteen, Sting…





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