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Hey girls! Today I’m sharing with you my favourite way to style leggings. To clarify, it is not exactly my favourite piece, and I have a preference for pants that look like leggings. I feel more confident having pockets, and I’ve never found leggings comfy at all. However, I know for many of you they’re a big deal. I get it. They’re your kind of comfort zone cause they make you feel better than joggers and they help tighten up a bit. So my idea here, is to create a great outfit around them. Something that doesn’t says ‘Hey! I’m going to the gym!’. Something that will make people turn over to check you out. And that will enable you to always be fashionably rock.

But, the good thing about leggings is that they’re always available in black. So whatever is your favourite brand, if you go for black you can always create the outfit I have in mind. Actually every monochrome will work, just keep in mind that if you have colours and floral or graphic lines on the legging, you will prefer a monotone for the rest. This trick will keep you to be stylish and comfy, and will allow you to even decide to go to work wearing this look (obviously depending of what kind of job you do).

I used to have a pair of leggings years ago, and I’m actually quite sad that I had to chuck them. These were the only pair I’ve loved, and I’ve used them a lot when I was working in a biker pub, in Italy. They were faux leather, of course, and they were a trend at the time. I’ve never followed the ‘everyone else look’, so I’ve always wore loose and oversized on top of them, and I still will. That is to say I think a bit of cover up it is much more sensual and interesting than showing everything (which is what leggings do if you don’t wear long tops). Now, teens are allowed to wear almost whatever, cause they’re experimenting their shapes and styles, but women should always find a good balance, that keeps some secrets and shows the best of them, remaining polite and natty.


M.N.G. Romi with different textures between front and back, a real glam touch – Heroine sport Body Leggings simple but with the perfect length for a pair of high ankle Vans – Spanx olive Faux Leather Leggings and Look At Me Now Seamless black camo, these are a great compromise for those who prefer a touch of colour rather then a total black – Koral activewear Lustrous Leggings a real whim!

For the top I will highly recommend something that leans just below your curves and floats slightly when you walk. Certainly something soft and delicate that celebrate your shape within your movements. This will give you an elegant and sensual touch. You can choose a long singlet or shirt or a long sleeves t-shirt. Even better, you can wear 2 layers, so they come one over the other to add more movement. Just be careful not to have too many different textures and fabrics. I have some examples here for you.

Maaji Stradivarius Only Weekday

Further, for cooler days you can add an oversized knit or a jumper with a long hem at the back. This way, the singlets and shirts will still float from them.

AllsaintsFree PeopleBB DakotaZ Supply

After that you can add a blazer, coat, long cardigan or leather jacket (which make it really rock). In addition, my first choice of shoes will be black boots, whatever style. I won’t wear dresses with legging, they are made for naked legs or tights, in my personal opinion. It must be clearly a shirt, not a dress or a shirt dress cause the final effect it’s completely different. That’s why it is very important to find the perfect length for the top layers. If you can’t find anything at all, get a shirt form his wardrobe, it usually works ;).

For me a total black is always better with this kind of outfit, but that’s your call, just keep rock your own way!




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