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Last minute Xmas deco

It’s Xmas deco time!!!

Hello hello!! I’m back!

OMG I’ve been crazy busy with a 100 things, and so I’m another year late for Xmas!

Basically there’s another Xmas wedding that kept me pretty busy. This is our third December in Sydney and we have had a wedding every year. Last year there was our vacation back home to organise, and that wedding only kept me in its loop the two weeks before, with some friends staying at ours and my preparation for it.

This wedding is of a very close couple, so I tried to help them as much as I could, everywhere I was able to. It’s been a huge pleasure and a huge commitment at the meantime. But this is a story that I’ll talk about later. (I’m preparing something interesting inspired by this wedding)

So there was, as you can imagine, the organisation of hens party, some help with the ideas, constant help with the little crises belonging to every bride and lots of time together. I have to say it was great to be together in this, and we had more time to spend with each other.

Then I had the brilliant idea to move house before Xmas, of course. Daniele wanted to wait, and he was probably right, but the place we found was to perfect to leave it, and so we got it.

That’s basically a bunch of reasons why I’ve been away from the blog for a bit. And this is also why I have another last minute Xmas. To be honest I quite like to go around and buy everything at the same time. It makes me feel like I’m getting everything right, even if I’m not. Also, when I have the inspiration I can’t stop it. I do have to follow the Xmas loop and put everything together.

BTW, same thing for the moving. Everything done in 2 days, redecorating included! Crazy, I know.

Of course, no matter what, I do have to write something about Xmas. I love it and I think I’m getting quite good with these last minute guides. The first thing I’d like to share this Xmas is a bit of my deco rush. Last year we didn’t buy a single piece cause, as you know, we were leaving on the 29th for Italy. But this year, with the new apartment too, I couldn’t resist. I didn’t get the Xmas tree, tho. i just haven’t got time for it. But I’ve found great inspirations on some IG shops profiles, and I made my own design out of those.

If you  don’t want a tree, like me, or if you simply don’t have much time to think about big deco, here is a cute way to Xmas up your home:

* Choose 2/3 colours. They can match your home tones or be completely Xmassy and stand out from the colours of the place.

* Have a buzz around you favourite home & deco shops and do not forget to stop by the supermarkets Xmas deco departments

* Choose 2 of your favourites Xmas deco. For example, I love reindeer and I decided to match them with Xmas trees. You can add other ones but try to keep them less then the 2 favourite chosen. Otherwise it’ll be a bit too much. You know I don’t like the too much!

* Buy your chosen Xmas deco in different sizes and materials. I have a bit of wood, ceramic and fabric and I love the result!

* Go back home and spread them in a few corners of your furniture, add some lights and/or candles and you’re done.

* Go back home and spread them in a few corners of your furniture, add some lights and/or candles and you’re done.

There’s another thing. In my Xmas house I always have a Poinsettia plant and an Advent Calendar. These are usually the first thing I buy for the Xmas season, so I guess I can say it’s my little Xmas tradition. This year I’ve found a fancy cubic calendar (from Kmart!!!) and the Poinsettia came as a girlfriend gift! In Italy this plant it’s named Xmas Star, which I think it’s a really lovely name.


Have a Merry Xmas!

Love you, JuliaG.


All decos from: Coles, Kmart & Sorrento Urban

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