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Blue Jumper

Good evening Rock Babes,

have you done a bit of shopping this week? I did! I’ve been waiting a few months to be able to get something new. You know, with the new apartment and all the stuff we had to buy for it, I thought was better to stop clothes shopping for a little while to save my relationship… 😉

Last weekend my Rock Babe was on shopping mood as much as I was, therefore I couldn’t miss the chance! I’ve been to H&M and I was surprised about how many new stuff they had from 2 weeks before. I was waiting for that!

You know what, I really have a huge passion for winter clothes. Because we have the possibility to mix & match much more than in summer. We can be absolutely original and it’s much easier to be rock, because we can wear even only one piece that says “Hey, I’m a Rock Babe!”, while all the rest can say “But I’m a chic girl, anyway”. 😉 😉

Also, I can have always with me my 2 huge passions: biker boots and leather jackets! I can find a new one of these everywhere, and (poor me) fall in love every single time. It’s kind of a pain sometimes, because I just can’t stop myself thinking about how much I love this or that, and I usually keep on thinking about it, since I buy a new piece for my collection.

“Don’t you think this is a pain?!”

Anyway, this winter I feel the need to find a red leather jacket. I’m struggling myself, because I want to have a special one. As always, I want a unique item. And, as always, i want people to notice it and say “S***, this is awesome!”. What I like the most is when people love my clothes, says they’re amazing on me, and start to think that they can buy them, even if they never thought about that before. Because, sometimes, what we need is an example of “how to”, and see how clothes are on someone else it’s the only way to imagine ourselves.

“You know when you see something in a vetrina and you think it’s beautiful, but you are not able to recognise it in the shop. I said recognise not find…That’s exactly what I mean.”

This is one of the reasons why I create this blog. I’m not a model, my body is not perfect and my style is not the classic follow up for the seasonal must have. But i want you to realise that your rock soul can follow the seasons must in your own way.

So what I bought last Sunday it’s something a bit excessive and wired for most of the people, I guess. But when I saw this jumper I was totally attracted and I started to imagine my “how to”. And you know…I’ve already had some satisfactions the first time I’ve wear it!

Let’s have a look…

alt ="hem blue jumper"

alt ="hem blue jumper"


alt ="hem blue jumper" alt ="hem blue jumper"

See you for the next winter piece! Of course I’ve bought more than a jumper… 🙂

Have a nice week and don’t forget to be yourself!

Kisses beautiful Rock Babes! <3


alt ="hem blue jumper"

Jumper: H&M

Jeans: Zara TRF

Shoes: Wittner

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