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Hunter Valley friends weekend

Hello loves! Is everything all right? If is not (but a really hope it is) or if you just had a tough week, this post will make you smile! It is time to share with you some beautiful views from the Hunter Valley hills.

I love to read travel posts when I’m feeling down, cause they take my thoughts away and they make me dream. Hopefully it is the same for you, and maybe I can give you some inspiration for your next trip. But I can also inspire you for a gift. Yes, because this weekend happened as a wedding gift. Remember I told you about the couple of friends that got married in December? Well, I don’t like to gift envelopes for weddings, and sometimes objects are tricky. I’m usually good at finding the perfect gift, but this time a few guests asked me for suggestions, so I preferred to let them buy what my friends needed and do something different. Also, we all needed this after the busy time we’ve been thru since September. (you can find out about it in my 2019 Recap here)

So what did we do? Me and Daniele and our couple of friends bought a weekend in Hunter Valley for us all! A friend weekend! They loved it, we loved it and we all got to get a bit of pure relax. We stayed at the Mercure Resort Hunter Valley Gardens. Such a calm and green place. If you look for nature therapy, this resort is perfect as it is located next to the Hunter Valley Gardens.

We left on Friday morning, not too early cause the check in was at 2 PM. So we just got there a bit earlier to have a quick lunch (and a cheer) before they gave us the keys for the rooms. We decided to get 3 separate rooms, so we all could take our time an relax properly. As soon as we got the keys, we changed and jumped into the pool.

The pool of the Mercure Resort Hunter Valley Gardens has a simple layout, but it is lovely surrounded by gardens, flowers, plants hanging from the ceiling of the porch and trees. This is what you expect in Hunter Valley, right? Anyways the pool was a real retreat for us. We spent the whole afternoon floating in there and chatting and laughing.

For dinner we booked at the Resort’s restaurant (which you have to do if you think to have dinner there) at 8 pm, which is the latest you can book. The staff was very nice with us, even tho we were quite loud. Too excited to be together I guess! They gave us a proper table to fit the pram and allowed us to stay a bit over the closing time.

The food was delicious, but the real star was the wine! We got some bubbles to start, a red and some port for the dessert, cause visiting Hunter Valley means try their products right? 😉 They were all very good wines, and the Prosecco of the house was too. I find difficult to appreciate Prosecco that is not Italian or French, so it was a nice surprise to find really good bubbles.

Day 2 was really relaxing. Me and Dany woke up early, because of me as always ;P. We wanted to have an early breakfast, and waited for the others so we could get a second coffee. Then we decided to check out the Hunter Valley Gardens, just next door to the Mercure Resort. Unfortunately it was crazy hot. There were 40 degrees, we couldn’t even think to do some wine tasting, so we just had a quick tour, took some pics and got back to the resort. Of course I found time to buy my souvenirs. In fact the shops were so cute, I couldn’t resist. Also, they had AC!

It was that hot that we weren’t able to move to find a restaurant for lunch with our little Daniel (3 month old!), so we did it the Italian way. We went to a grocery 10 minute away by car, bought salumi, cheeses, olives, bread, hummus, fruit and some beers, and we had our fresh lunch in one of the rooms. So delicious, so easy, so fun. We love doing this kind of meals, also when we catch up at home! While the boys were playing pool, us girls had a quick nap ;P. After, when the heat calmed down, we had pool arvo and we went to dinner at the Harrigans Irish Pub. We didn’t want to go too far with the baby, and this was a nice place with live music and a great outdoor space.

Day 3 we packed our thing, we enjoyed the pool as long as we could and we left around lunch time to stop by a cafe and be home by 5 pm.

It wasn’t a discovering trip, neither a programmed one. We just enjoyed every moment as it came and decided what to do minute by minute. For some of you might be boring or not really fulfilling, but for us was just perfect. We needed that break to get our usual lives back and to feel ourselves. Sometimes things get tricky, and Sydney can be very stressful during the holiday season. Get rid of the chaotic city for a pool absorbed in the nature is one of the best things we ever did. To get that feeling, you just have to find your relaxing place, add great friends and pour some bubbles!

Lots of love, JuliaG. <3

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