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How to style any Puffy Sleeve

Good morning ladies! Today I’m sharing my favourite puffy sleeves, but first… How’s your isolation going? In my last post I’ve shared a few things we can all do to keep ourselves busy and motivated. You can refresh your mind here. But I wanna be honest with you, yesterday I had one of the worst days. I’ve been only able to do some workouts and nothing more. I kinda dropped myself into a bad mood and I wasn’t able to move from there. I had some leftovers for lunch and didn’t even cook dinner. Daniele did, and he kept telling that it was fine to just relax cause I’ve been doing so much since last week, when all this started. He’s so cute sometimes ;).

I wanted tell you this cause I think it’s good to know that we’re all in the same situation still, and it’s ok if sometimes we feel crap. Well, it didn’t feel ok yesterday, but today I definitely woke up with a better mood and a recharged motivation.

So here I am, talking about clothes! ;P

Before we start, I would like to know if I’m the only one totally obsessed with puff sleeves. Which I love to call puffy BTW. Kinda fluffy feeling. Ahahah. No but, seriously, I am weirdly attracted by them. I have to force myself not to buy them all cause, of course, they’ll come to end at some point. Also, I don’t wanna have to change my whole wardrobe again! But being serious, not everything match with puffy sleeves. There are some bottoms that are just not made for that outfit, even if aren’t many. I was obviously buzzing around my usual websites, and decided I like so many that I should give you the opportunity to choose yours. I can’t buy them all, but we can all buy them, I suppose.

But some rules first. How can we make a rock outfit with puff sleeves it’s another story. If you like the super girly puff sleeves, and maybe also in a pink shade and with a paper bag wide leg trouser, you can still rock it. Just wear a pair of Vans or Dr Martens and you fav black – and maybe studded – bag. Basically you should have a total black for all the rest and absolutely NO heels. Even if black and studded, they’ll completely changed your look. Different is, if you’re wearing skinny pants, then yes, heels are allowed to rock the look. Sure we can always play it up with our studded and chained accessories, but this will work better with blacks and whites.

The easiest way is to find a puffy sleeves top that is rock itself. A bunch of my founds with all the links to get’em is just here ready for you.

Missguided organza sleeves and middle high neck long sleeve top – Mesh insert corset topMossman striped dressFrench Connection faux leather shirtLost Ink one shoulder top in velvet burnout animal print – Asos Design jumpsuit and playsuitI.AM.GIA denim corset

And I found some very pretty dresses and other puffy stuff that I’m linking below with a few ideas on how to complete the look. Have fun and let me know what’s your favourite!

~ The Basics

SweatshirtBeige long sleevesMini black dressGrey teeBlack cardiSage green shirt

As these are all basics, you can match them with a few rock pieces you have already. You can always wear a leather pant and a pair of sneakers to keep it casual, or go for a pair of biker boots with dresses.

~ The Girly

Floral blouseAnimal printDenim mini dressSheer organza topPolka dot chiffon blouseLong sleeves denim dress

These are a bit trickier. I would say a total black is absolutely always right, but if you have very good leather pieces they’ll work amazingly too. To wear jeans of other shades than black, be sure you are matching properly the rest. Sometimes a biker jacket might be enough.

Pls do remember that we’re looking for puff sleeves, which are not bell sleeves.

Stay safe, JuliaG.

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