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How to rock the warm weather

Good Saturday loves! It’s a terrible rainy day in Sydney today. But as you know for me this is the best weather to do some online shopping and share with you my latest finds. Last week I gave you some inspirations for the basics needed in your closet. Therefore today I want to go a bit deeper into our rock style. I have found some interesting pieces, all under a 100 $ and some of them on unbelievable sales.

When it get warmer it’s easier to find rock pieces for our looks. It become more simple because it’s the time for tees and sandals, which are more likely matching our style than jumpers and sneakers. Let’s just say we don’t have to think too much about the perfect match. We can wear whatever (almost) and simply add a rock band or skull tee. And with a studded pair of shoes and the job is done.

Although we still have to think about what we’re doing. ‘Cause we don’t want to be too much (as I always suggest) and we really want to inspire other rock babes. My aim it’s always to let you be rock but chic and stylish. And remember to avoid the idea that you have to be aggressive and dark.

Below you’ll find some of my favourite band tees and a few more pieces to refresh your wardrobe. And I will keep doing this for the whole season, by linking my favourites on the blog and sharing total looks on IG and FB too. So don’t forget to check the socials to find more inspirations!

Left to right:

Frill top // Religion tee // Black jumpsuit // Slides // Metallica tee // Betts sneakers // Animal print dress // The Doors tee // The Queen top // Studded flats

Enjoy the long weekend!

Love you all!


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