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How to find the perfect Cardigan

Hi girls! How’s going? Today I was thinking that once a friend asked me about cardigans. So a good cardigan is one of my favourite transitional pieces, and as I recently talked about layers, I thought this is the perfect moment for them. I like my cardigan to be versatile if possible. So I can wear it as a coat, as a layer, or even as a dress, depending on the look I want.

I usually prefer plain and tidy lines and I will suggest monochrome for the first pieces. Once you have a few basics, you can experiment some good cuts and designs, but be always careful on the quality, no matter what’s the price. If they’re well done, they can look luxury pieces even if they’re not. You should give a check to the hems and the seams, cause these are the little things that make the difference on that expensive look. What I look for is tight sleeves, medium length and a good neckline, usually plain or waterfall. I’ll wear oversized only if I want a really messy look. Also loose sleeves don’t really suit me and I don’t like them much cause I always wanna be able to roll them up. Yes to bell sleeves. I then want my cardigan to be soft, cause I wear it often only with tees underneath to replace leather jackets. This doesn’t mean it has to be in cashmere; there are really soft fabrics on the market much less expensive than cashmere. But I wouldn’t stop you if you can afford it!

That said let’s go shopping! Below my favourite and you can shop them with a simple click on the pic! I put together some designer choices as well, cause they are so much. I had to show you! Have fun!

xoxo JuliaG.


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