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Black, Gold & White

Gooood morning Rock Babes!!!

How was your week? For me was awesome! I finally moved into the new apartment, and after 2 weeks of cleaning and tiding up, my place now has a real shape. I have lived in 5 different places since I moved from mum’s and dad house. 2 in Italy and 3 here in Australia. I’ve always tried to decorate in different ways the different places where we lived but, honestly, I’ve never had great results.

First of all, there were always too many colours in every home, and was very difficult to give it a common line. There were brown fixtures and white furniture, tiles mixed with wood, and some horrible stuff I couldn’t remove. And also, I’ve never had a real strong idea about how my house should have been to represent me, my rock babe and our personalities. He wanted to have everything black, and I liked too many different things and styles.

Of course I said no to black (probably only because he wanted it 🙂 ) and I bought whatever I liked with no sense.

“Can you imagine the mess??!”

Well, now I have a clear idea in my mind and I can already see it done! I’ve got a lot of inspirations thanks to this blog, of course.

Writing here makes me feel like everything it’s just next to me, ready to be taken.

My new rules are

  1. Create a house that reflects our rock attitude
  2. Do it with white, black & gold only
  3. Try to find something different in every little thing

It’s easy isn’t it? Well, not really that easy, but of course, I’ll be here to give you new inspirations. So, rock babes, be prepared to something new that will involve your spaces, beyond that your wardrobe.

For now, I’ve only bought some easy stuff, to have the feeling I’m at home and to give you the general idea of what I mean. You will probably be disappointed as I am, about the colour of the background. It’s kind of cream and sand tone, but as long as you know that I can’t do anything about that, you just have to think that my next (and hopefully last) apartment will have a better match with my stuff. In any case, is not that bad. The rock colours I choose are matching nice also with this kind of background.

Now, moving house also gave me the insane idea to chuck half of my closet to make space for new clothes…

Honestly, I’m selling that clothes… You know how much I love my stuff. I can’t through them away, I just need someone who can give them a new life.

“Do I look too crazy?” 😉

Anyway, this is another story.

So here are some inspirations I’ve found scrolling my favourite websites. Did you know that Asos & Shopbop (my fav!) have really nice “Home & Gift” sections? Forzieri as well, but it’s a bit more classy. Anyway, you can have a look straight following the pink names here, or choose what I love, following the pictures by click on them.

Are you ready for a house of rock??!

alt ="house of rock book"Needless to say, this is my favourite. I believe that the books you display on your shelves are those who shows you personality. You can definitely understand people through what they’re reading. At least you can get what’s going on on them at the moment.

I can’t be more proud than let my rock books talk about me when someone is touring my place. And a part from the bands auto and bio, this boxed collection of design jewels pictures combine my love for rock with my passion for fashion. And, have you noticed? Black, white & gold. 🙂

alt ="house of rock coasters"

Coasters are absolutely necessary if you are renting a furnished apartment as I am. You can find them almost everywhere, and there are plenty of different shape and deco.

But for my rock way, this chic piece from Rablabs it’s the one. Made from a slabs of natural white stone and metallic gold plated on the jagged, asymmetrical edges. Stunning, shining and different. Exactly how I want my place to be. Can you imagine these on a black table cloth with black and white plate next to?

alt= "house of rock glasses"

You know what…? I hate flutes. They’re ugly, uncomfortable to use and terrible to wash. Always too short or too long, seems like they are made to embarrass you with your nose that always bump on the edge. When I’m out for a drink, and I want to have a sparkling wine, I wanna have it in a wine glass. And I ask for it! I want to drink in a big glass, with a long stem, and let my nose have the freedom to keep breathing!

But damn! Flutes have the value that they keep the bubbles. Therefore, when I saw these I just fell in love. Can you blame me? These are long, without stem and wide enough to drink easily.

Unfortunately, that’s all for today. I don’t want to give you too much, so you can have some time to think about my choice and get use to it. Try to imagine this inspirations around you, in your place. Start with a bit of change, and find yourself in these items.

Let me know if it work! 😉

Kisses Rock Babes! See you for the next! ***


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