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Good evening rockbabes!

Only 5 days to Christmas. Are you ready? Did you buy all the presents?

As usual, I’m running around for the last minute gifts. As I said in the last post, this year we’ll be in our home town in Italy for the the New Year’s Eve. This means we’re not there for Xmas, unfortunately, but I still want to bring some little thoughts for my girls and for our parents. This is my favourite part of Xmas, the preparation. I love to walk around the decorated and bright city, carrying all my Xmas bags and looking for the perfect gift for everyone. And than I love to come home and add a little something on the packets to personalise every gift and place them underneath the Xmas tree. I’ve always loved to do this. I think the preparation it’s even better than the gift exchange, because when we actually opened and give our gifts, Xmas is almost gone.

However, because I’m the last minute girl, doesn’t mean I have last minute thoughts. What I mean is, yes I buy on the last minute, but when I go for it, I know exactly what’s the perfect gift for everyone, because I’ve been thinking about it since November! 😊

Now I want to share with you some gift guides, hoping to be helpful for all of you that are last minutes buyers as I am, and needs some inspirations and suggestions.

The first gift guide is for those who come home for the Xmas holidays. 



01. Cosmetic Case Typo // 02. Candle Peter Alexander Glasshouse // 03. Victoria’s Secret Glitter Thong & Bow Cheeky Panty // 04. Forever New – Love hand cream // 05. Necklace Orelia London December Birthstone // 06. Tea T2 – Tea blossoms & Mini Tree 

As you can see, the idea is to put together a little treasure from all your favourite and most cute Australian brands, that are not available in Italy (and in your home country), or are difficult to find because that shop is only in the big cities.

First of all you have to find a nice purse or cosmetic case, like this one from Typo, that comes in 5 models, so you can choose which one matches better for all your girlfriends.



Than, fill the chosen bag with all the best from Sydney. I’ve decided for some of my favourites brands that provide the mini sizes of their products.

02. This tiny version of the Glasshouse candle by Peter Alexander is absolutely one of my favourite gift ideas. The Glasshouse brand has some incredible scent, last long even if tiny like this mini versions and also, is the first gift I’ve received here in Australia from a friend. So once again the meaning and the memories are first and, in the end, a gift has to mean something and remind memories, right?



03.  A red underwear it’s one of my little traditions. As in Italy there’s the use to wear red underwear for New Year’s Eve, me and my girlfriends have the habit to gift a nice or funny thong between each other for Xmas. So we don’t have to buy it for ourselves, and it’s new every year to wish the best luck. (By the way, I also buy a Xmas pair of boxer for my babe too 😝).

Since I’m bringing something difficult to find in my home town, this Glitter Thong & Bow Cheeky Panty from Victoria’s Secret are just perfect. We have this brand only in the big and famous cities, like Milano and Roma. And they are on a deal right now if you get three of them!

04. Which girl doesn’t need a hand cream? For this gift box I’ve decided for the Love hand cream  by Forever New. Two reasons: the Australian brand, and the lovely writing on the package.


A gift from the heart”

05. A necklace from Orelia London that has the December stone charm. So winter and snowy! Just love it at first sight! If you prefer your girls to have different necklaces between each other, this brand is still perfect. Here you have the December model, but this cute charm is available in a different stone for every month. So what’s your friend month of birth?

06. A little taste of Australia, enclosed in the cutest tea package from T2. Tea blossoms & Mini Tree are my favourite. T2 is a must have in Aussie’s houses! I can already see me and the girls with a cup of tea, sitting on pillows around the fire place. 

Ok rock babes, this is the first Xmas gift guide for the last minute shoppers. Keep an eye on the blog for new updates soon.

Your rockbabe,





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